Two Out of Three Falls Match Announced for SHIMMER 62; Barbi Hayden & Candice LeRae to Debut

SHIMMER has announced the main event of SHIMMER 62, which will air live on iPPV during WrestleMania weekend.

SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa will be defending her title against LuFisto in a Two Out of Three Falls match.

The last time these two did battle at SHIMMER 60, Melissa was busted open and was forced to miss the next volume, marking the first time she missed a SHIMMER show since 2005.

SHIMMER also took to their Facebook page to announce the SHIMMER debuts of Candice LeRae and Barbi Hayden, which will also take place on the iPPV.

SHIMMER 62 takes place in New Orleans, LA at the McAlister Auditorium on April 5th. You can purchase tickets or order the iPPV on ClickWrestle will have exclusive downloads of the match after the show.

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  • Sass.

    Love me some LuFisto, would love to see her win the title!

  • David Wilson

    And it looks to be a long one too- they announced a 90 minute time limit instead of the usual 60….

  • RadicalRhys

    As much as I adore Melissa, I really hope LuFisto ends up winning the title at SHIMMER for how amazing she is.

  • Art Of Professional Wrestling

    Yes!! Lerae & Hayden are coming to SHIMMER!! I hope Barbi gets to defend the NWA world womens championship at the shows to add more creditability to the title, and i would love to see what candice will do with the women there, i’ve only seen what she can do with the men in PWG so this will be pretty exciting! As much as i love Melissa in SHIMMER shes going up against my other favorite Lufisto i’ve loved their feud so far and i hope it leads to fisto winning the belt at some point, possibility in this two out of three falls bout.. i’m so torn between the two but whoever wins i’ll be happy because i know its going to be a great match.

    • AceRuby

      It was only a matter of time really before Barbi Hayden showed up at Shimmer (and maybe Shine soon) she’s real good and young still. She’s for sure got the package needed to eventually join like TNA in the future I see good things for her.

      • Art Of Professional Wrestling

        I definitely see it in her too, she has the right look that the major promotions are out for, i see big things for her in the future.

  • Nightbrinker

    Lufisto deserves the title, along with Mercedes Martinez.
    Wow, Candice is just going to become a top female wrestler in the American scene…I hope her future’ll be bright and she’ll go to a mainstream company.
    And Barbi…YESYESYES!! Moreover she’s the current NWA champ!! I’m pretty sure she’ll have title runs.

  • MissDaniGermany

    It would be great if SHIMMER would bring in some Mexican Girls from AAA or Cmll.