‘Total Divas’ First Look: Brie Bella Confronts Summer Rae

On Sunday’s episode of Total Divas, Summer Rae finds herself making another enemy.

In the clip below, she is confronted by Brie Bella, who accuses her of flirting with her fiance Daniel Bryan.

As this all goes down, Eva Marie, Nikki and Daniel watch on.

Watch the clip below:

Total Divas airs Sundays at 9pm ET on E!.

Synopsis for episode 3, “Brie’s Bad Side”: “When Summer Rae flirts with Daniel Bryan, she makes an instant enemy of Brie; Nattie’s feud with Summer Rae escalates.”

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  • Alex Castaneda

    Aww shit!

  • http://swimmingfoursome.tumblr.com/ xoxoMarysexoxo

    What the hell. Sorry I mean I would be jealous if someone hit on my man too but I feel like Brie jumped the gun on this, like I feel so bad for Summer.

    • HonestDiva

      If you saw the clip from the preview you just see Summers body language and you know she was flirting……

      • http://swimmingfoursome.tumblr.com/ xoxoMarysexoxo

        I don’t know man, I mean she only has her hands on Bryan for like a second and quickly move them so, I think we should wait until the full episode to judge.

  • Art Of Professional Wrestling

    I can’t wait to see how all this goes down.

  • Christopher Bello

    Can’t fully tell if the evidence proves Brie’s point 100%, but these two are my favs on the show so I hate that they’re fighting ????????????????????????

    I doubt Brie would jump the gun on anything, but we’ll see.

    Thank goodness it’s all fake ????

  • PrinceMario

    OMG! This is gonna be good!! Summer vs The Cast of TD. First Nattie, now Brie, then Eva and who knows who else

  • Nightbrinker

    I love the fact that both Summer and Eva focus the mere part of drama in this season!

    Or should I say, they create it!
    Team Summer-Eva is the best!!!

  • charovnica

    Eh…too unbelievable for me. Like from interviews and fan videos Summer seem like such a nice and classy lady, I can hardly buy her for a Lolita. :D

  • Tased .

    Brie needs to chill, dont nobody want Daniel Bryan but her.

    • BorisG


  • wwepassion

    I like that there bringing drama this season. Summer was a smart move to bring in.

  • Jak

    You can playfully flirt and have it mean nothing at all. I have friends like that, and they’re close as hell with their partners. Hell, I do it sometimes (hence, sometimes).

  • Johnyfaction3

    Lol I am not even picking sides this is pretty entertaining!

  • Lee (Foxy and Nee)

    Nope, hell no, Brie completely overreacted imo. it’s not like Summer grabbed his ass, felt his crotch, she simply touched his shoulder, like relax Brie.
    Also Summer was completely preaching when she brought up Brie being Insecure”, when you’re secure i your relationship you don’t let know random Hoe” bring you out of character.

  • Lee (Foxy and Nee)

    Also……………………..If I was Summer and Brie put her hands in my face…….I might have had to slap her ass too (Looks at Nattie)

  • OJ Von Erich

    The way Summer tilts her head to the side & smiles while bouncing her her around before putting her hand on D-Bry’s chest is CLASSIC flirting technique, let alone before talking to him about her “sleeping around” rumours.

    Daniel was the one who told Brie about it, he was the one who said she was flirting with him, so on that subject alone, I’m Team Brie.

    Although with that being said, I’m absolutely LOVING Summer Rae as the antagonist of this season’s Total Divas, she is just what the show needed to live up to it’s tagline!

  • WweRules32

    this is intense i like it


    Nikki Bella’s shy little smirk while watching Brie bitch out Summer >

  • Lily

    I can’t stand when girls do what Brie did. Like you’re really about to start an argument/fight over a damn man? How old are we?

    • Baby Banks

      That’s her husband.

      • Lily

        Exactly. He’s not a child, he knows how to handle himself in a situation like that. Also, if someone’s your husband you should obviously be able to trust them enough not to let some hoe flirting with him mean anything.

    • PrinceMario

      I think Brie should have ask ” Is it true you were flirting with Daniel?” Instead of jumping to conclusions

  • jbrizzy

    I am definitely here for this season. What a bitch fest. I love it. This is what on screen Diva storylines need to be like.

  • Cherry

    Summer needs an ass whoopin’. It’s not about fighting over a man, it’s about putting a skank in her place and showing her you will not be disrespected.

  • PopOff

    This is the true #BRIEMODE.
    Literally, if Diva storylines were like this it would be great, bring that fire Brie!

  • Aaron Evans

    I hate not knowing how much of it is scripted and how much of it is real. Sigh.

  • WomenWrestlingRevolution 014

    just Bring KHARMA and splat all of them!!!! (Mortal Kombat voice) FINISH THEM!

  • @KENLushh

    Brie was wrong. I don’t get the issue!
    I think all of the girls are (being scripted) to not like Summer Rae &
    feel threatened by her. Like even in the last episode it was mentioned that when top guys like Bryan hear bad things about you it rubs you a different way (think it was Eva who said it) so her going to Bryan whose bus she’s on and starting convo with him & being like “HEY , i’m not like that” i don’t see the issue!

    HOWEVER, i don’t like that Summer was like she’s single , she can do what she want. GIRL let me be on your side, don’t be saying shit like that. l o l

  • mo0nsault

    *plays don’t mess with my man by nieva*


    *slowly shakes head* I hate the direction of everything in the WWE right now. I must be on my man period, idk, but to me it’s so stupid adding a scripted character to a realty show because now we have no idea what are the real parts of Danielle or if this is Summer Rae, and if this is Summer Rae, is Summer supposed to be a hoe – and furthermore – is she a heel or a face because Brie sure as hell came off as the heel and Summer the innocent face. If they wanted to add a scripted character like this who was going to stir the pot then that means A) The Divas aren’t actually that interesting/have that much going on by themselves and B) They should have done a lot better and actually made her look like a bad bitch instead of a softy who always has to go into defense mode. If they wanted a bad bitch they should have had Summer be like “No sweetie you man looked like he wanted me” instead of “Oh my gosh this is so inappropriate I don’t approve oh my gosh” ….. SIGH. WWE. E. YOU ARE BOTH RUINING MY FAN EXPERIENCE.


      And FYI for anyone wanting to talk about my “complaining”, I know that reality shows are scripted but this is too obviously scripted and in all the wrong ways for all the wrong reasons. It really makes none of them look good. I thought this show would be about their lives of maintaining their bodies, relationships, and sanity working for the WWE – not this weeks BF drama from (INSERT NAME HERE)

    • charovnica

      Wonder no more! Summer is completely in character and it’s obvious. With Jojo being gone they needed a replacement and from what I’ve heard Summer wasn’t really a fan of the idea to join,so maybe she agreed if she plays her character and not herself. It’s either that or they asked her to do it so more drama is created.


        No I totally get that but I mean for people outside of this community of women’s wrestling fans who do not follow the divas and maybe just tune in because it’s a drama show — how are THEY expected to know that this oh this is Summer Rae’s character not Danielle the woman playing her. Hell I’m sure there’s still some marks that don’t even know her real name IS Danielle, and you know it’s true lol

        Every other girl is supposed to be being themselves (though we know some of it is scripted) and then here’s randomly Summer who is being a character…I’m sure it has to confuse the hell out of non-WWE followers and non-Diva followers and I don’t want them trying to slap a hoe reputation on her to lead to a career similar to the iconic Amy Dumas who was being criticized for her real life choices and her character at the same time as if the two were equal

        • charovnica

          They’re not expected to know it,they’re expected to buy her as a backstabber which is probably the direction TD is going with this next episode and the hinted disention between her and Eva.