Raw Redux (April 14th, 2014): Paige Starts Strong, Alicia Shines in Defeat & Two Dancing Divas Mix Things Up

Good day ladies and gents! Welcome to this weeks official Raw Redux, where I, Bobby, will take you on a journey through the Diva appearances that took place on last nights edition of Monday Night Raw. Last week was a turning point in the division, as NXT standout Paige (Also known as #WhereTheFckIsPaige), made her long awaited debut and proved the wait would be worth it as she captured the Divas Championship from AJ Lee in what will surely go down as one of the most memorable Diva moments in history.

Tonight, our Champion is here! If you don’t believe me, please enjoy the following graphic shown during the Raw Pre-Show as proof:

And before we get things started, I greatly recommend anyone who may have missed out on this video package which aired last Friday on SmackDown to definitely check it out below:

Now that that’s settled, let’s get started for tonight! We’ve got Paige in action against Alicia Fox, Emma and Santino Marella facing Layla and Fandango in addition to the Ravishing Russian, Lana!

First up, we hit the ring for Paige’s first official match as the reigning WWE Divas Champion:

*Screeeeeeeeeeeech* Out struts Paige, decked in a fancy leather jacket and with the Divas Championship strapped upon her shoulder. She looks ready for business, hopping onto the ring apron as we get a replay of what went down last week between she and AJ. Following the video rewind, we head back to the present day as Paige is seen posing with the title and getting ready for competition against Alicia Fox. The bell sounds as the two circle around and lock up. Alicia stiffly shoves her straight back a few times… as I continue to wish every week that JBL would leave commentary again and stop screaming in my ear. Paige shoves Fox right back and then scores with a huge headbutt! Alicia nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, followed by two standing versions! All three look like they hurt like hell as the crowd starts to boo her.

She yells for Paige to get out of her ring, eating up the crowd reaction and dragging the champ back in. “Come here pretty girl”, while a “Let’s Go Paige” chant breaks out! Northern Lights Bridge Pin gets a two count, bringing Fox to lock in a choke hold. The crowd claps in unison to support the Divas Champion in her time of need, but Alicia isn’t having it and she slams her right back down. Gasp! The crowd is legitimately booing her actions, to which she hilariously replies “Sorrrryyyy” as she points to each of them and only makes the booing grow! My ears are singing like doves on Christmas at actual fan-to-Diva interaction that I don’t know how to handle myself. Foxy fortunately doesn’t give me much time to stall, as she punches Paige into the corner a few times and begins getting in her face. The referee has to restrain her, which gives Paige enough time to… LORD… burst my whole eardrum out as she kicks Alicia in the stomach and causes perhaps the loudest sound I have ever heard a boot make when connecting to flesh. Hashtag #Pray4AliciasAbs.

Paige now starts to mount a comeback, decking Alicia with a few shots to the face and following it up with three clotheslines in a row! She scores with a dropkick and now looks to be… YES… she’s locking in that Scorpion Crosslock! The crowd is getting behind it as Alicia screams and tries to flurry away, but Paige locks in the arms and the crowd explodes! I could literally buy each member of this audience an assortment of their favorite Pop Vinyl’s because I’m so happy to hear such a pop right now. Alicia Fox quickly submits to the dangerous maneuver as Paige celebrates her first official win in the Age of Paige. All hail our Crosslock Messiah!~

And it’s now time for our second Divas match of the night as Santino (Note: I DO NOT mean he is a Diva… let’s not revisit that road again) and Emma stand in the ring for mixed tag action. Their opponents will be none other than Fandango and Layla, as the commentary team actually provides a Twitter based recap of Fandango’s break up with Summer Rae. Hey! Fandango and Layla actually even get a pre match interview… well, Fandango does. Layla just looks on and genuinely happy to be there, which in turn, makes me happy to see her there. And I’m not even going to lie, I really love Layla in this role. The match starts as the men take things down, before Fandango eventually tags into Layla. Emma charges with a Lou Thesz! She beats Layla down and locks in the dilEMMA from the corner, before heading up to the second rope. Fandango tries to distract her, but Santino takes him down to the outside and… score! A “Let’s Go Emma” chant starts, which we could probably hear better if commentary wasn’t screaming over it. Layla stops the chant by grabbing Emma’s leg and pulling her down before covering and getting the three. Oh my… not sure about that finish, but honestly whatever gets us two Diva feuds works for me.

Be sure to also check out the Ravishing Russian, Lana, as she makes her second appearance in Alexander Rusev‘s official debut tour, this time getting a glimpse of her own tron and theme:

And like last week, because I can somehow string this into talking about the Divas… please check out another video package on Adam Rose and let’s all continue to speculate if any NXT or even main roster women could be part of his entrance entourage! Weeeeeeee-Aye!

Hungry. Hungry. Hippos.

Thoughts: As always, let’s split this into three categories…

The Good:

Paige’s Kick and Scorpion Crosslock – Because they deserve their own spot on this list as soon as my hearing returns.

Paige vs. Alicia Overall – I absolutely love how this match was put together. Paige and Alicia Fox brought a certain stiffness to their moves and their actions with each other that we only really ever see when Alicia squares off with Nattie on Superstars or Main Event and I need more. These two didn’t look like they were just doing move after move or putting on an athletic showcase… they looked like they wanted to beat the sh*t out of each other. It wasn’t filled with flips and it didn’t need to be. Paige went in wanting to prove her win last week wasn’t a fluke, meanwhile Alicia, being a former Divas Champion, wanted to show this rookie that she couldn’t just waltz in and be atop the division without proving herself. Pure perfection and it’s really both so insanely refreshing and exciting to watch.

Crowd Reaction – I’m going to freely admit I’ve been worried all week as to how the non-Raw after Mania crowds were going to take to Paige if they weren’t familiar with her work in NXT. And I’ll even admit that when her theme hit, my fears immediately began to come true as I didn’t really hear much of an ovation. Thankfully though, it seemed like every second the match went on, the more and more they began to really get behind her. And in turn, it made them react to Alicia Fox! I don’t even know which I was more excited for to be honest because it just feels like it’s been so long since we’ve seen a Diva get booed like that on Raw — especially in a match that’s not even really built up around anything — and it goes to show that if you put any amount of true effort into one Diva, it’s going to rub off on the others who face them as long as they take advantage of it. This is the type of reason why I was so behind seeing how the crowd reacted to Paige last week because it’s going to end up helping the division as a whole and stopping the crowd from being silent during women’s matches. The only reason I feel it never translated off of AJ Lee to others for the most part is because they waited too long to insert her into the division. She was still over sure, but if she would’ve come in full force as a babyface during the Punk/Bryan/Kane days, it would’ve been huge for the girls at the time to have someone like that seeing active competition.

I also have to give it up to Alicia Fox. This girl is a workhorse and she makes every single person look incredible. Not that Paige needs any help or anything, but you just know she was probably chosen for this match because they know Paige needs to be seen as something special right now and Alicia Fox is the one who, other than AJ Lee, can easily make that happen on the heel side. She ate up every second she was out there with her vocal taunts, and it made the boos grow louder and louder. Paige’s insanely sharp kick that may have burst my eardrum got a nice “OOH” from them, and her Crosslock went over even better than I was anticipating it to. Overall it was just so genuinely nice to see a crowd who wasn’t foreign and who wasn’t post-Mania getting involved with the Divas and reacting to them instead of sitting on their hands. Seriously hoping this becomes a weekly feature and every Diva who’s out there capitalizes on it like these two did tonight. No matter what your thoughts on Paige are whether you’re a fan or not, having a Diva that is over and uses it to help those facing her see reaction as well is a positive for the entire division, and I absolutely loved seeing just that very thing come into play here tonight.

Two Divas Matches Again – Speaking of weekly features… this is now our third week that we’ve had two matches on Raw involving the Divas. I don’t want to jump the gun and say this is going to be a permanent thing, but I would love it to because we can definitely have two feuds going at once between Paige and whoever’s next in line, as well as Emma and Layla which could even transition to Summer/Layla after Rae’s done filming The Marine 4. The possibilities are huge right now and while I know our hopes are usually always let down, I’m really hopeful right now that we could be in a spot where the company finally sees the worth these women can be if you give them opportunities and segments each week to spotlight them. You guys know I love everyone on the cast of Total Divas, but it doesn’t have to be all about them for these matches and segments to mean something. I’m so happy the company has finally seen that and is putting their faith in a few different people right now who are either new or haven’t really been given much spotlight for a while.

Lana/Rusev Marketing – Love. Seriously, they are marketing Lana and Rusev to perfection right now. I was always hoping they were going to plug it as being this huge Bulgarian giant who looks like he could destroy anything in his path… yet is somehow controlled by this foreign woman and this foreign woman alone. She is the one who holds the power to when he releases his opponents from his finisher or does anything at all… the ONLY one. It’s perfect, and the fact they’re even giving her a titantron and actual theme music is already giving me hope she could be inserted into the division down the line. Lana is so special and so unique, and I truly think she’s going to be something big if those training videos are any indication of what she can do in the ring.

AJ Being Absent – I know a lot of fans wanted to see follow up between AJ and Paige after what happened last week, but personally I think not having her on the show is actually so much better because it plays into the whole “crazy” shtick where she never thought she was going to lose the title. She treated it as her child after all… and so I want to actually be able to sense she’s unstable right now and seeing her on the show would’ve probably done an okay job of that, but I think not having her on this week leaves your mind to think she’s not handling things well and her whole world has come crashing down at the hands of Paige. Because of that, she wasn’t ready and she wasn’t able to show her face to the world after what a big game she talked during her reign, and thus she’s went into hiding for the time being. Plus, it gives Paige a week to look strong because she needs to be built up as a huge threat right now, being so new (to non NXT watchers) and all, so I think it was better to have her just have a week to show the crowd who she is out there without getting attacked or anything. I’d love that to come next week or the week after that, sure, but just for tonight at least I’m completely cool with it. They did at least recap last week’s segment so AJ’s face was visible for a bit and she wasn’t completely taken out of everyone’s minds.

Stephanie McMahon – Is there really anything I need to say about her that hasn’t been said? Her segment with Kane this week (which I sadly couldn’t find video of) is absolute gold!

The Somewhat Good:

Paige Being Toned Down – I have so many mixed feelings on this because I 100% understand why they want to present Paige as a rookie type figure being that you had AJ Lee plow through the whole division only to lose to her. You don’t want to make it look like the Divas in Training are already better than the main roster, therefore you have to make Paige come off as being beat down for a majority of the match right now no matter who she faces. It’s just hard to watch it when you know Paige’s whole backstory and that she’s been doing this for nine years of her life, but I do notice they haven’t yet mentioned that fact which is further proof why I think they’re trying to hide Paige’s backstory for now so it comes off more like a plucky developmental talent that surprised AJ because she didn’t know what to expect and got ahead of herself last week thinking if she beat all the main roster Divas, no one from developmental is going to compare. So like I said, I understand it and I’m okay with it, but it’s just hard when you know this girl to be so dominant and vicious from her NXT matches, and you’ve seen her branded as this huge Anti-Diva force.

The Not So Good:

Lack of Backstory on Paige - Let me preface this by saying I hate complaining about anything right now because I feel like effort is starting to be put into the Divas and I don’t want to seem ungrateful, but if I had one thing to say I want more of… it’s backstory. It doesn’t even have to talk about her pre-WWE past other than mentioning her family wrestles as well, but I do at least want to see interviews or a video package on the actual show. I know she got an interview on the pre-show and I know apparently she got a video package on the app. Michael Cole even mentioned he interviewed her earlier in the day… so let’s see it! Paige is getting reactions right now based on how vicious she comes off in the ring and her overall uniqueness, and it ended up working out fine tonight despite any backstory being mentioned. I just hope we get some sort of look at her on Raw in the coming weeks so that fans who don’t follow NXT know what this girl is about beyond the ring and can see that she does have an actual personality and is a good speaker who can connect beyond just the moves she does.

And who knows? Maybe they’re saving that stuff for the UK Raw in a few weeks which would be absolutely brilliant. I’m not going to really write it off yet because it’s still early, but I’d love to see something. A few nights ago I went to an NXT show where Paige was there and cut a promo, basically asking if the fans really thought she was scared of AJ like she showed on Raw and asked us if we really believed she didn’t know all along what she was doing when she was out there “congratulating” the champ. That’s more of the kind of stuff I think would be great to witness on TV, but I can also see a fear in doing it because it kind of makes her look sneaky and depending on how you feel about AJ, it could come off as kind of heelish if it’s not executed right. It does provide an explanation as to why she was acting like she was last week though, so it could at least help in that front.

Finish to Mixed Tag – I’m happy we got a second Divas match, and I fully expected Layla to win… but that finish was not good. Summer’s kick to Nattie got a lot of complaints, but I think that was even better than just seeing Emma get pulled off the top rope and pinned while Santino was right there. I do have to say though, while I prefer Summer Rae overall, Layla fits this role so much better to me. It feels like a good thing for her rather than it did a setback for Summer, who will be a great force in the division which is going to need some solid heels for Paige to challenge in the coming months. Plus, it’s giving Layla more to do both on TV and in the ring (since she’s hardly been featured upon her return) instead of restricting Summer from getting to show all she can do being that she was stuck having to incorporate dance into her matches. I honestly think this switch works best for everyone in the long run, and hey, it even gives Emma someone new to square off with instead of always Summer. Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens when Rae returns, but as for now, I’m enjoying Fandango and Layla… just never let us see that finish again. Do your corner flipping stunner (please)!

Until next time, don’t be a lemon… be a rosebud!

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  • charovnica

    Loved the match between Paige and Alicia! They were impressive even though they used about 10% of their skills. Goes to show how talented they are.
    I marked out like any other fan out there when I saw the Scorpion Crosslock.

    It was a big miss that AJ wasn’t there in any form…kinda worries me. I hope at least something with her and Paige happens at SD,if not…WWE missed the boat again.

    The mixed match was awful. Layla should not use this attire ever again. And I LOLed when she forgot what she was supposed to do during the entrance and just dropped down like a bag of potatoes.

    Lana and Rusev <333 I love them.

    It was a nice RAW diva-wise. Paige definitely helped.

  • Pumped Up Kicks

    Adam Rose and Bailey! Yes yes yes! At least in my dreams lol

    • Philip27

      Was Bayley in the video??? Seriously???

      • Pumped Up Kicks

        She wasn’t just stating that would be a dream :)

        • Philip27

          That would be the wierdest couple in history, but not in a bad way…

  • GameChanger

    Laylas 1 outfit shitted on whatever Summer wore throughout her time with Fandango

    • charovnica

      LOL really?

    • Timalee

      Lay’s is very show girl, but that really isn’t a good in ring gear. I feel the outfit limits her move set. I really like Summer’s outfit better than Layla’s sorry. What ever happened to Fandango’s first couple dancers.

    • BorisG

      lol that is true.

  • FoxSana

    I was happy to see a fresh match between Paige and Alicia Fox. Both Divas shined and it was obvious that they felt comfortable with each other in the ring.

  • SavNguyen

    Nice redux Bobby! And I really hope they dont just drop the whole AJ angle and go on to a new challenger for Paige, the fans loved it last week, they need to capitalize on that. Also I have to praise my girls Foxy and Paige for taking a somewhat short time slot and making it something great. I was expecting a squash match but tbh they both looked great, and Alicia has the tendency to lose (a lot) and still come out the star of the match. If the WWE keeps this up, fans will genuinely be into divas once again.

    • charovnica

      They were into that match. Alicia got some good heat and Paige nice pops,especially when she pulled the submission.

  • FoxSana

    Maybe Paige vs Alicia Fox could be a another/ a new Natalya Vs Alicia Fox?

  • K8tlyn Lover

    I didn´t like the match, it was very boring for me, they looked a bit disconnected and Alicia just kept repeating everything she did 3 times in a row -.-
    Also, like I said like week, Paige only got a reaction, because it was the after WM crowd, with regular crowd she doesn´t get reactions (only when she did the scorpion submission). And they are already really missing the boat with her, she should have had a segment with AJ, and if AJ is indeed taking some time off, she should have cut a promo or something.
    I am not hating, this is simply my opinion and what I felt.

    • charovnica

      I have to disagree about the fan reactions. She recieved a pop when she came out,she got support during the match and another pop when she made Alicia tap. While Alicia received nice booes. And having in mind that this is the same crowd that barely reacted to Evolution…I think it’s pretty clear she is indeed over. Noone expected the same crowd reaction from the last RAW since there were mainly Europe folks and they usually kill it.

    • Xx_Versace_xX

      Even if the reaction was a little bit less than last week, its still more of a reaction than any of the other divas get besides AJ

      • K8tlyn Lover

        I was not comparing to the other Divas, and ” a bit less” is being nice. The thing is, people thought she was reallyyy over, when she only got that reaction because of the post WM crowd.

  • K8tlyn Lover

    Also, I really liked Layla´s gear, but I thought she was going to take that shit from her ass.

    • charovnica

      LMFAO! Yes,I think that thing bugged me too :D

  • Mysticsphere

    tbh, the crowd was dead for a lot of the episode. DB wasn’t there, so who can blame them; they weren’t really feeling anything last night.

    Im not surprised AJ wasn’t there, she’s probably on break. Im just glad the divas look they’re heading in a better direction atm.

    Paige vs Alicia was amazing. It was a well done match with great chemistry. Alicia pulled her heel role off perfectly; the repeated backbreakers and messing with Paige’s hair was great. It gave Paige’s comeback a ton of oomph. Im surprised they let Paige keep the scorpion cross lock; i was certain they would’ve toned that down.

    Layla and Emma match was awful. Best part of watching this feud are the intros tbh. The finish was incredibly weak, it made Layla AND Emma look like crap imo. I feel they could’ve had a more creative finish than simply just having Emma flop off the turnbuckle like a dead fish.

    Lana was amazing, as usual. Also, did anyone notice she has her own theme song? “Rusev! Kuh-rush!” love her.

    Stephanie was killing it last night too, she’s a great actress.

  • PopOff

    I loved how into the match the crowd was during Alicia vs Paige, Alicia got heat and Paige got cheers, I would love a feud between the two down the line! Layla and Fandango I like together although I was expecting a run in by Summer by taking down Layla or something, but I guess they might be saving that for the future :)

    • Mysticsphere

      yeah, especially with summer tweeting about how monday night was going to be the start of “summertime”. She wasn’t even around! lol

  • Timalee

    I can honestly say, from what i saw last night. Alicia’s and Paige’s match was very good. Paige sold it on Alicia being a dominating force until the end where Paige just whopped Alicia’s butt. I was expecting AJ to come out after the match to cut a promo on Paige. This is all I saw considering I had Real Housewives of Orange County and Rupaul’s Drag race to watch. So I missed the mix tag match.

    • Mysticsphere

      lmao, i need to catch up on drag race too!

      • Timalee

        would you like a spoiler

        • Mysticsphere

          nooo! :p Imma watch it later today :)

          • Timalee

            okay well they’re at the final 6.


    Nice match between the two, that gut kick was great and so was the Scorpion crosslock, I hope these two get more matches in the future (with Alicia winning some of them, please -.-)

    The tag match was useless, what the heck was Layla wearing and I really hope if she gets a singles match, she keeps using Not Enough for Me, Fandango’s theme is just annoying.

    Lana was great as always, i love how she acts and looks like a foreign villain from a comic book.

    And Steph was fierce on that backstage segment.

  • JJ

    Alicia and Paige kill it on NXT, so I’m guessing that’s why they had them mix it up on RAW. As long as they have Paige keep that bad ass persona, I think she’ll be just fine
    Lana is nothing short of amazing! She reminds me of the managers from back in the 80’s, that actually did more than just hang by ringside. “RUSEV CRUSH!!!”

  • Sou’

    The match between Alicia and Paige was so great … The 3 Tilt a whirl backbreaker made Alicia look so strong. I hope a feud between those two.
    The mixed tag team match was bad… especially the ending

  • Timalee

    I fee like Emma needs to drop the Santino relationship. She is really the one who needs to become one of the other top faces. I think We entered a new era of divas last weeks. Paige and AJ could be very iconic together. Emma could be the under dog but champion material. Lana is just the Russian version of Debra, but i’ve never seen Lana in ring skills so I don’t know how she is there. feel she could be force to be reckoned with. Summer’s current story line with Fandango and Layla should really take off now….not later cause if it happens later it’s going to be really petty. I feel if Bailey comes up and Kaitlyn was to return it would be a very dominating and diverse division.

  • Aaron Evans

    Huge fan of both Alicia & Paige – they both seem to be able to have great chemistry with everybody. Really hope Alicia can work a program with Paige at some point! :)

  • Randumo

    This was exactly what I was talking about when people were getting overhyped by the crowd reaction last week.

    • K8tlyn Lover

      I said the same thing, it was obvious that she only got that reaction because of the WM crowd!

      • Randumo

        Combined with the fact that she was out there with AJ. In front of a normal crowd with an average diva, things are much different.

        • K8tlyn Lover

          Well, she got a bigger reaction than AJ got, and if we go that way, Total Divas would be super over because they wrestle AJ every week.

          • Randumo

            It was because she was confronting AJ, and a large portion of the crowd was European.


          • Timalee

            ……..I don’t think it matters what the crowd is or where the crowd is…there was an reaction. Aj got reaction and Paige got one. Paige’s just so happened to be bigger. And so far every diva gets their own reaction, they don’t need AJ to get it. Aj isn’t the biggests thing in the divas division right now and i feel like it erks you cause of that. I’m sure AJ is going to get more titles and more storylines, but it a good thing if they change the focus off of one diva.

          • Randumo

            You’re either in denial, or just plain ignorant. I mean, if you watched the video, Bad News Barrett got arguably the biggest pop of the night. Elsewhere, he usually gets booed and not a big reaction. The crowd most certainly matters. To believe otherwise is ridiculous.

          • Timalee

            I’m ignorant? this is coming for the person who believes if the spotlight isn’t on AJ the division sucks. This is the person that believes that there was no diva that could take the title. That AJ was going to be champion for over a year.Well look who’s champion now. Paige. You said you wanted someone to come up and become a better competitor for AJ…well Paige is here and Paige is getting a bunch of fans backing her up. Even when AJ started she didn’t get the biggest reaction. Sure she had the few fans who wanted her to win in NXT but for the most part is wasn’t until her complete transition into the crazy girl she really didn’t get a crowd behind her. Then she kept getting pushed in better story lines. Paige has been on the roster for roughly two weeks and in that she made more history than most divas make in their first two years. Now that there is a Diva on the main roster who can compete with AJ, you’re throwing shade against her like she doesn’t deserve what she’s been given. Honestly I like AJ and I know that will not be her only title reign, but I know she will not get as long as of reign she got in her first. I see AJ getting three titles in her whole career. But I see Paige being the one to hold the record as the one with the most title reigns. But who knows, she might even beat AJ’s reign.

    • charovnica

      Um…I don’t recall people saying that it was gonna be a permanent thing,so I don’t think anyone got too overboard with it. She’s still over and this is what most predicted.

      • Randumo

        You don’t recall anyone going overboard? How about all those people saying Paige was way over & suddenly more over than AJ because of one show.

        • charovnica

          I said “most”. So no, I’m not talking about a couple of people living in dreamland.But the way you talked made it seem as if it was a mass hysteria and everyone was drawing Paige into the sky :D

          • Randumo

            Lol, any quick reaction to one show was too much though. Especially the post Wrestlemania crowd. It’s going to be hard to judge Paige for a while though because they are going on a European tour soon. She’ll obviously get abnormally large reactions over there.

          • charovnica

            I just hope they won’t completely drop the potential AJ vs Paige feud.I’m quite scared as of right now.

          • Randumo

            If they drop that, Paige could be in some trouble.

          • charovnica

            I don’t think so,I think AJ will be more on the losing side of it. Paige can feud with anyone right now and people will be interested cause it’s new and well, Paige is quite impressive aswell.
            On the other hand AJ’s mysterious disappearing will hurt her credibility and will leave Tamina with nothing to do.
            Without a doubt Paige would be elevated twice as fast if she comes on top in a feud with AJ and I hope we get to see this. The Scorpion has got to face The Black Widow.

          • Randumo

            It wouldn’t be good for either of them. However, if Paige’s first title feud isn’t with AJ, it’d have to be against someone who has been jobbing for the past year. People won’t be that interested because they all know who will win.

            Do you believe that there’s anyone other than AJ that would have a chance of winning the title from Paige anytime soon?

          • charovnica

            Who’s talking about winning the title off Paige? I was talking about feuds to help build Paige up as someone that wasn’t just in luck,but has actual abilities.
            I think it’s in order to have some of the Total Divas turn.Right now they have a perfect excuse to make it.
            The ideal feud,as I already mentioned would be AJ,but that’s not gonna be enough. They need to build more ladies up.
            Hell,if Alicia wasn’t such an established jobber I’d be rooting for a legitimate feud between them.

          • Randumo

            The point is that her first feud can’t be against a jobber who poses no real threat. That’s a recipe for a lackluster title reign.

          • charovnica

            Well,yes. I just said this in my previous comment lol

    • wwepassion

      This match got more reaction then any aj match on raw or smackdown. Paige is already over in her second raw appearance and it will continue growing. It’s better then the silence aj has been getting for the past couple weeks/months.

  • Mysticsphere

    they could’ve have picked a better person for Paige’s official debut match in Alicia.

    Unfortunately, i cant help but feel Alicia has Ziggler syndrome: excellent worker, amazing seller, jobs all day, errday.

    There’s an old saying in wrestling that its not necessarily a good thing to be an amazing seller because then you’ll get used as enhancement.

    • GameChanger

      wow i never looked at it like that

    • Timalee

      I know….I was like Ziggler is such a good performer and has what it takes to really be a big named wrestler. what ever happened to Evan Borne?

      • Mysticsphere

        he injured his foot in an accident and was on injury leave, but apparently he was cleared recently.

        • Rodney Holston

          I think he’s been clear for a while now, I guess they just don’t have room for him. The roster is pretty crowded now, and there’s a lot more NXT names being called up too.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSZK9Y376WNd0OtgE4IDF3A MariaKanellisfan

    Great raw.
    I’m proud of my Alicia, she is perfect <3
    ps: LANA is going to be a big star, love her.

  • WweRules32

    good raw and im sooooo happy for 2 divas matches again and layla is doing good in her role with fandango and she looked sexy and she also wrestled bonus

  • Monkey Tennis

    Nice to hear Britani’s trademark kick ‘crack’ again. I never could work out exactly how she does it – it’s something in her boots I think.

    The match itself was very good; albeit as good as a match ever can been in three minutes. As others have said, it did highlight how good a feud between these two could be if Alicia was ever allowed to matter again.

    The continued Paige-as-a-Rookie angle is still frustrating. And I’m curious. As someone who has no interest in the male side of the WWE, I don’t know how the WWE have intergrated male talent from NXT onto the main roster. Have the all come through the same ‘rookie’ debuts as Summer, Emma and now Paige? Or did they just hit the ground running as established wrestlers?

    The absence of AJ was not ideal. Paige’s reaction was still good, but ultimately this was just another stand-alone match with Alicia and we’ve seen a whole lot of those over the last couple of years It’s telling that the reactions actually grew as the match progressed, as if to suggest the idea of the match didn’t necessarily generate much excitement but the quality of the action actually woke people up a bit.

    So. It’s still early days. I wouldn’t consider this the ideal start to Paige’s title run, but it wasn’t a complete balls-up by creative. Not yet, anyway.

    • K8tlyn Lover

      She slaps her freaking leg…..

      • Monkey Tennis

        Her leg would have to be freaking to make that noise.

        • K8tlyn Lover

          But that is how she does it, I am a wrestler and I know, I can do that right now, and I have no boots!

          • Monkey Tennis

            Nah, it’s more than a slap. Honest, I’ve heard it live. And in considerably smaller venues. It’s got more of a whipcrack sound to it.

          • K8tlyn Lover

            -.- I am telling you, it is very easy to do, but believe in whatever you want.

          • Monkey Tennis

          • K8tlyn Lover

            Like you said, i was right.

          • charovnica

            I think K8tlyn Lover is right. I’ve seen indy guys failing to do it quick enough and the eye can catch it. Paige has mastered it so it really is pretty sweet.

          • Monkey Tennis

            Yeah, watching it back, you’re right. I guess it just reminded me of the old days! The days when 3 minutes was only the start of a Britani match!


        • K8tlyn Lover

          Just watch the video again, you can see her clearly slapping her leg.

    • charovnica

      Well,they tried the rookie angle with Bo and it didn’t work out. They usally do gimmicks for the new guys and hope it catches on,they don’t play rookies.

    • shamaramill

      To get the cracking noise when she kicks her opponents, she slaps her thigh.

  • Richard Smith

    have to say liked how aggressive Alicia was. but still pissed they build up Naomi to knock AJ off the title and do this

  • Philip27

    I think I literally screamed when Paige nailed that kick!!! She’s hit some loud kicks, but this one, HOLY SHIT!!!

    The match was really good, especially Alicia!!! So underrated, she has become a great worker… Unfortunately, in the end, she lost… but at least, she lost to Paige (Paige had to win her 1st match as champ)… And it was a good match!!!

    Nice to see the people reacting to the Cross Lock, it’s just a BADASS move!!! Still praying for AJ vs Paige, Submission match for Extreme Rules…

    The tag match was whatever, I’m praying that Emma dumps Santino ASAFP!!! Layla at least gets some momentum, nice to see she has something left in the tank…

    Lana was AWESOME again, and OH MY GOD Stephanie… WHAT A BITCH!!! And I mean it… in a good way!!! Oh my God she’s SOOO hateable!!!

    Nice to see the girls get plenty of air time, and I have few complaints… Just bring AJ back next week & say that she went to a psychiatrist, because she lost the title!!!

    • Monkey Tennis


      • Philip27

        Well, 2 matches, plus some other segments… Plus, they did talk about Paige on the pre-show…

        For the Divas, that ain’t bad… Has been much worse in the past…

        • Monkey Tennis

          True enough.

          For me, it’s all about the match time though. When we start getting at least five minutes as an average, that’s what I’d consider plenty.

          (Actually, it’s what I’d consider adequate, but I guess I have to be realistic!)

          • Philip27

            We have to be realistic…

            Plus, I think on TV, even 3-4 minute matches can work just fine, if they don’t seem rushed…

  • Lee (Foxy and Nee)

    Loved the match, I honestly thought that this was gonna be a regular jobber match. Where Foxy comes in, bumps like a PRO and gets pinned. But no, Foxy came in, controlled the match and had a little chemistry with Paige, I really believed for a moment that she hated Paige lol.
    I would personally love to see Foxy and Paige square off a few more times (were they’re given time) or maybe even Fox and Nat feuding on ME or SD, them girls always put on a show during their matches,

  • Dawit Berhane

    JBL: “We’ve got a winning combination, Fandango and Layla!”
    Cole: “Summer who?”


    • Foreveryoungx

      Lmao they’re so shady

    • charovnica

      Dawwwiiit!! It’s me- Gabby :D

      • Dawit Berhane

        Gabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3