Impact Spoilers for Thursday Night (May 28, 2009)

As we all know, the Vicious Vixen, Victoria makes her TNA debut this Thursday night on Impact. Find out how she does it by highlighting the text below:

Angelina Love d. Sojo Bolt in a Knockout Championship match. Cute Kip, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky also made their return here. After the match, Angelina got on the mic and asked Kip why he was still hanging out with them. She fired him a long time ago and only brought him back to take out Kong, which he couldn’t do. She has security force him to leave the ring. Angelina then talks about how she’s beaten Kong and how she needs someone new to face, which leads to Victoria’s entrance. She gets in the ring and takes out Madison and Velvet before hitting a crazy Widow’s Peak on Angelina. Madison and Velvet drag Angelina out of the ring and take her up the ramp while Victoria (who looked fantastic, BTW) gets on the mic. She’s accepting Angelina’s challenge.

Thoughts under the cut:

Melanie’s Opinion
Congratulations TNA, you’ve proven me wrong. Extremely solid booking here, you’ve identified one of our most beloved Divas as a major babyface and a top title contender from the get-go. Consider me sold, I’ll definitely be watching – and reviewing – Impact this week.

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  • KSmith

    I’ll look forward to watching that :) I’m happy that there’s someone to break up the whole Awesome Kong v Beautiful People storyline because it was getting a bit boring.

  • xxQOXxx


    Hopefully Awesome Kong can go away for a while and sort her back & knee problems out and Victoria or Lisa as i think there calling her and eventually Sarah Stock can freshen up the division.

  • Lee

    I’m excited because we may finally have a knockout that doesn’t trash the divas every chance they get.

  • TaylorJade

    I’m really looking forward to Impact now. This is a great way to bring him in. Good job with this one, TNA.

  • sheLooksGud2me

    I’m very happy for Lisa! Bring that peak up! But the Windows Peak finisher is likely been tattooed on WWE’s wall so Victoria should make a new finisher or whatever. I liked the new finisher she left in WWE; the A-Rock-Na-Phobia which she used on Kelly late December last year and she only used it once so I hope she’ll continue to use that on TNA.
    Please, TNA, hold Victoria/Lisa to the right way. :P

  • boi213

    yayyy im so excited cant wait to see this hopefully kong will wrestle with the guys now no offense she has no real comptetion in the knockouts division she should wreslte with more male superstars she has so much potential and to just beat up on the knockouts every week is kinda boring….maybe her and a byss could have a feud…lol..dont know just being random,……

  • boi213

    omg steven erin mel haasan i dont know whoever….watch this….

  • Litaker61

    Wow, im really excited about Impact for the first time in months, this sounds great. Really liked how they’ve booked her debut. Cant wait to watch.

  • DaWayne999

    Im sorry, but I have to say it. I love Victoria and think she is an amazing wrestler, but she also is an MMA fighter. Come on. I dont want to be the bad guy here but you have to think. When you are in MMA you dont know you’r scheduale. If victoria becomes champion we probably wont see her half the time. Know Victoria might be doing the right thing, but I think that TNA is setting themselfs up for failure wich is why I dont like it. I dont want to watch something and end up loosing it once I get into it. (which wont happen) but look at Bobby lashly when was the last time he was on TNA? TNA is the new WCW they hire all these old guys to take the part and be champion. and I dont think it is fair not only to the New guys but to the veterans.

  • TaylorJade

    oops, in my comment above, I said him (don’t know how that happened).
    But, I just wanted to say that I’m actually glad that she kept the Widow’s Peak. It kind of shows that Victoria was who she was before TNA, even if she’s not called that anymore.

  • Luis

    OMG im so excited
    finally Lisa is getting the proper push she so well deserved in the WWE

  • mpezza

    Since they’re going to use her, I hope they actually book her right and not as Sojo 2.0 (random heel/face turns, 1 title shot then becomes a huge jobber).

  • WWEDivaFan09

    This is a dream come true to all of us true Lisa fans. She’s finally being used and for once in a life time her talent in the ring is not being minimized. I can’t wait to see this feud between Angelina and Lisa expand.

    Is TNA using Lisa’s ring name with the WWE or did they create a brand new ring name for her?