Ex-Pornstar Trina Michaels Hints TNA Appearance


Former pornstar-turned-wrestler, Trina Michaels has hinted on her MySpace page that she could be joining TNA. Michaels retired from porn last year and sent out a press release in which she said, she was “giving up gangbangs to enter battle royals.”

She writes: “You can’t spell Trina without using the letters TNA… Find out THIS THURSDAY June 18 by watching IMPACT..Spike TV..9pm”

With TNA it seems every good move they make [signing Victoria], they take a little step back too. I don’t know if Michaels is under contract or being offered one, but I’m not checking for another Knockout, least of all this chick. You’ve got Sarah Stock and Ayako Hamada signed and not being used.

TNA makes my braincells die a little more and more with each ‘celebrity’ signing, yes Jenna Morasca, looking at you.

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  • palaceofwisdom

    Lol. Somebody should tell her that TNA stands for “Total Nonstop Action”. Not “tits ‘n ass.”

  • http://tiffany@diva-dirt.com Tiffany

    The disappointing thing about TNA is the fact that it holds such promise with the talent it obtains, yet cannot seem to utilize in the way that’s best for its company. TNA is the most well-known alternative to WWE right now, with one of its most notable quality being its accomplished Knockouts Division (along with The X-Division, and the Tag Team Division). For the past couple years, TNA has provided us with a female-friendly broadcast that we’ve come to desire in the WWE. TNA was putting on intense matches between Gail Kim and Awesome Kong when WWE was still fixated on pillow fights and lingerie. Now that WWE has begun to steer its Divas more towards their wrestling potential, where has TNA’s initial zest for its Knockout Division gone? We’ve recently seen women like Morasca taking up airtime while women like Sojourner Bolt sit on the sidelines. We’ve seen so many women lacking purpose in this division that some even remain nameless. Victoria’s TNA debut was that very much needed breath of fresh air for those of us who know what women can do in the ring once given the chance. I’m not too thrilled with the idea of having porn stars and faux-celebrities trying to play ‘wrestler,’ but so far, TNA seems to be decent at keeping them at bay. I’m all for trying to develop a division, as long as mindless entertainment doesn’t encroach on the will for actual wrestling. Has TNA still got it? Well, I suppose we’ll find out soon.

  • saritafan

    oh god,another waste of a sign by TNA,just throw this Micheals chick in the same loser/reject column with jenna marasc,hopifully they can be losers together

    what about sarah stock(sarita) and ayako hamada?I know there debuts were stalled because of Victoria but if any woman should debut next,any woman,it should be stock or Hamada,not another playboy talentless slut that has no business in the wrestling industry(and yes,im looking at you also jenna)

    I really dying,DYING to see sarah stock wrestler in TNA,it’s been MANY MANY months since TNA has signed her and I know she will eventually debut but I’m just getting really impatient now

  • saritafan

    and Tiffany,you should note that TNA only has 1 show a week for 2 hours only while WWE has 4 shows a week and 4 times the amount to give out diva action while TNA only has a 2 hour slot to fill with more then just knockout action so obviously,most of the knockouts will not get air time and yes,it’s a damn shame.TNA needs a new show badly,they could turn xplosion into a show and make that into the smackdown of TNA while impact in the Raw of TNA

    and I agree,TNA has signed these playboy nude models but TNA has done a good job so far at keeping them away from the REAL knockout action.does TNA still have it you say,of course,TNA has signed victoria,sarah stock,and ayako hamada and those are 3 DAMN AWESOME SIGNS by TNA!

  • Evan

    I’m really excited to see her debut.. Unlike some people I judge wrestlers after I see them perform.

    I think she has a lot of potential I seen some of her videos on youtube and she has major mic skills.. If they use her correctly I think she can go far :D

  • TaylorJade

    Ugh. Why? They already have to signed Knockouts who aren’t being used and then they have to hire som pornstar?

  • Alana.G

    Her porn past is irrelevant, All i want to know is if she is going to wrestle is she going to take the time to learn. If so good for her, for all we know maybe it’s minor appearance. Either way if she starts down the path of Jenna Morasca then that’s TNA’s fault for wasting time on person whose there for filler.

  • Marco

    So what if she was a pornstar? If she can wrestle I’m fine with it! And she does seem to have some potential in the ring…
    But damn, this girl looks like a pig.

  • http://cm-punk.org/blog Kaycie

    Also you can’t spell Trina without using the letters r-a-t!

  • http://juliasjollyjournal.webs.com juliajacobs

    Oh for fuck sake, this is just bad.

  • xmelissaa

    “giving up gangbangs for battle royals”

  • saritafan

    This is what Trina Michaels wrote on her myspace….
    Dont believe the internet, I’m NOT in TNA….But I wouldnt miss tomorrows TNA show though……..hmmmm. 11 hours ago.
    yesterday… .Make sure you watch TNA TOMORROW- June 18….Hint Hint!…

    By the way she posted this on her blog.

    TNA Rumors
    I know MILLIONS of web sites have? posted info about me and TNA but that is not correct. Any info where I am appearing is on my calendar or blogs

    i guess we can be relieved now