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A Londoner’s Eye: 11 Things That Annoyed Me in 2011

In just over 24 hours we’ll be saying goodbye to 2011 and ushering in 2012. Usually around this time we tend to get all sentimental, looking back at the best bits of the year and what we loved — but I’m going to do something different and tell you what annoyed me this year. And since it’s 2011, I’ll try my best to narrow the multitude of things that annoyed me to just 11…

1. People taking “models vs wrestlers” too far. See here.

2. No ‘Diva of the Year’ Slammy. Does Kelly Kelly want to tell her mom she had a ‘divalicious moment’ this year or that she was Diva of the Year? I know which I’d prefer. *Shakes fist at WWE*

3. Miss Karen being fired. No, I will NOT get over this. It was an injustice and Sting should be sued.

4. Lack of pin-up strong movement. On paper, Beth and Natalya‘s pin-up strong movement was an exciting new direction for the Divas division, and it could’ve been the big kick in the butt the Divas division needed. In execution, however, Beth and Natalya have had one arm tied behind their backs, parodying LayCool almost, instead of being the ruthless predators that we think they should have been.

5. Michelle McCool retiring. Michelle, I’m super happy for you and all, but the selfish part of me wants to see you wrestling every week. You can come back any time…

6. TNA letting Jackie Moore go. Why bring Jackie back to only stop using her a few months later? Jackie is a veteran and deserved more respect.

7. Lack of emphasis on Knockouts Tag Team Championships. The tag titles in TNA seem to just be props when they could be so much more. In 2011, TNA had the opportunity to build a decent tag division featuring its own storylines and feuds with the likes of TNT and Sarita & Rosita. Make them mean more!

8. Fans not be able to give credit where its due. Hey, you don’t have to like every single person ever, but you can also step back objectively and praise someone when they’ve earned it.

9. Knockouts Championship hot potato. Just as the title was getting back on track with lengthy reigns for Madison Rayne and Mickie James, the Knockouts Championship began flip-flopping on a monthly basis, which in my opinion, hurts the credibility of the belt.

10. WTF happened to SmackDown? At this point, Raw is a hopeless place (thanks, Rihanna!) with one minute matches, but for a while there, SmackDown did allow the girls to have longer matches. Slowly but surely in 2011 that time and focus has slowly deteriorated to alarmingly Raw-like levels. Is nothing sacred?

11. Where is Naomi? It’s been over a year since NXT Season 3 and I cannot fathom why Naomi is the last of the girls from that season to receive a call-up. This girl is the future!

So, those are the 11 things that annoyed me — well, the ones that I can write publicly, anyway. What annoyed you in 2011?

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