When it comes to female wrestling and the Internet, there is no site more popular than Diva Dirt. Fact. Since launching in 2008, Diva Dirt has become the most visited — and most widely recognized — destination for all things Divas, Knockouts and more. Well, I guess that’s why they call us the women’s wrestling Bible!

First Diva Dirt logo. 2008-2010.

From humble beginnings to over 1.5 million visitors per month, Diva Dirt started as a homely little blog run by Melanie and Erin, dedicated to the smart, sexy and powerful (at least they’re supposed to be) WWE Divas. Like celebrity blogs, we discussed the latest Diva gossip as well as their style, photoshoots and in-ring work. Before we knew it, we began to grow a following. (Don’t ask us how!) Month by month, comment by comment, Diva Dirt was becoming a must-click link for wrestling fans. Unlike the seemingly infinite number of sites dedicated to wrestling ‘newz’ or male wrestlers, we were a site dedicated solely to the females (and run by females) — and we weren’t afraid to show it with bright pink colored layouts!

Second Diva Dirt logo. 2010 - 2013.

Diva Dirt fever continued to sweep the world (wide web) as we grew and grew with content dedicated to all women’s wrestling, not just the Divas. We’ve developed a recognition with our fans, as well as those within the industry, to provide accurate information, as well as lots of fun exclusives including tons of audio content and highly popular interviews with big names, including the legendary Trish Stratus.

So far did Diva Dirt fever spread that we caught the attention of Jason Deadrich, wrestling promoter and Internet guru, whose company Black Pants Inc. bought Diva Dirt in 2010 with plans to make it an even bigger empire! Diva Dirt sits alongside ChickFight, ClickWrestle and Online World of Wrestling as the pride and joy of Black Pants Productions. Combined, Black Pants sites command over 5 million visitors per month. That’s a lot of eyeballs!

Diva Dirt continued to prove it is the greatest thing to hit the Internet since Justin Bieber, with such epic moments as: Promoting our very own match along with ChickFight in February 2011 and launching our own award – the Diva Dirt Legacy Award.

In June 2013, Editor in Chief Melanie passed her title to Deputy Editor Erin, taking a behind the scenes role as Editor at Large. The site continues to grow in leaps and bounds as it moves into its sixth summer as the internet’s top destination for women’s wrestling fans.

But even with all that under our belt, we’re still not done. In the words of Natasha Bedingfield: The rest is still unwritten…