Saturday, September 18, 2021

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AJ & Kaitlyn Discuss Where They Fit in Divas’ “Models vs Wrestlers” Debate caught up with AJ and Kaitlyn, collectively known as the Chickbusters, to talk about the raging debate in the Divas division of “models vs wrestlers”.

The former NXT graduates feel that they don’t fall into either category, with AJ saying that she doesn’t understand why Beth Phoenix and Natalya have labelled them as models. If you’ll cast your mind back a couple of months ago, Natalya completed her heel turn by attacking AJ and calling her a “princess”. While AJ doesn’t allude to her independent wrestling background, she does say she was a fan of WWE and jokes that she “snuck her way in here”.

Meanwhile, AJ feels that Kaitlyn, a former powerlifter, is a hybrid of both model and wrestler.

Check out the full clip here.

Which category do you think AJ & Kaitlyn belong in? Model? Wrestler? Neither?

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