Saturday, September 25, 2021

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AJ Lee Talks “Pipe Bombshell” Promo: Why No Follow-Up?

It seems like only yesterday the wrestling world was buzzing about AJ Lee‘s “Pipe Bombshell” promo directed at the cast of Total Divas.

Though the promo was one of the highlights of the Divas division for 2013, even being nominated for a Slammy, the promo never really seemed to lead anywhere.

This past weekend, at a Q&A panel at the New Orleans Comic Con, AJ discussed exactly why that happened.

According to PWMania, AJ acknowledged that her character was acting like a “douche”, but was hoping the promo would “make things happen” for the Divas and get them more TV time.

She revealed that some Divas took it personally, which lead to its follow up promo being dropped. As a result, the promo was mentioned less in the feud going forward.

To see more of AJ’s Q&A, check out the video below:

Do you think the “Pipe Bombshell” went too far?

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