Thursday, January 20, 2022

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AJ Styles Speaks out on McCool’s Faith Breaker


Former TNA triple-crown champion, AJ Styles has finally done it. The TNA star has finally responded to claims that WWE Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool stole his finisher, the ‘Styles Clash’. And well, sorry to disappoint the lynch squad but Styles’ response isn’t quite what you’d expect…

Gail Kim‘s one of my really good friends, and I asked her about that and we talked about it and she (McCool) does do my move, but I’m flattered that she would think to use that move. It doesn’t bother me at all. I guess it might be different if a guy was doing it and calling it something else.

The fact of the matter is this. People know it. That’s the Styles Clash. That’s my move. I came up with it on my own. It’s okay. I understand, you gotta come up with something and there’s not a lot of moves in the world. It’s hard to be different. But it’s cool with me. Now it would be different if it was a guy in my own company.

And there you have it, folks. No doubt, this won’t make a blind bit of difference to the marks who will continue to pester poor Michelle. But if the man himself has no problem with it, neither should the fans. They will, but they shouldn’t. It just goes to show how far some of the crazies will go to hang Michelle out to dry.

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