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Alexa Bliss’ Gimmick Continues on After Bray Wyatt’s WWE Release

One of the top questions among the WWE Universe that rose upon the release of Bray Wyatt involves Alexa Bliss.  Bliss has been submerged into this story with Wyatt as his companion and a key player in his feuds since last summer. 

Two episodes of Monday Night Raw have been aired since the shocking release. The “show must go on” mentality is definitely there even after the fans’ loud “WE WANT WYATT” chants during Bliss’ appearances. One could come to the conclusion that WWE is going forward with Bliss’ dark side gimmick as a standalone story.

It is no surprise for WWE to keep Bliss in this role.  Because since April, there really hasn’t been any mention of Wyatt on WWE television.  Bliss has more or less done her own thing without Wyatt by her side.  With that being said, it may be a matter of time before Bliss’ character sees another level of elevation.

Photo: WWE

Mickie James certainly spit the facts out in response to Wyatt’s surprise release.  Since Wyatt’s absences, Bliss has been the one to do his dirty work en route to WrestleMania 37.  That match between The Fiend and Randy Orton culminated in Bliss turning on The Fiend that resulted in Orton securing the victory.

This is not a diss on Bliss (pun NOT intended), but it was how this whole story has been booked and how WWE as a whole is frequently criticized.  While fans don’t know the details behind the scenes, James’ words speak volumes.  Additionally, Bliss’ social media posts exemplifies how much she enjoyed working with Wyatt.  Her segments were certainly compelling as much as perplexing, something that is influenced by Wyatt.

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Bliss’ transformation has been admired and parlays into her morale as she continues to wreak havoc on WWE Raw.  Bliss has said that she’s having a great time in this role, does Wyatt’s release mean that all good things do come to an end?

Given that he’s the reason why she is on the dark side, there may or may not be any clues as to what happens in the future. Wyatt’s release isn’t Bliss’ fault, and the fans should not take that out on her. If anything else, Bliss keeps Wyatt’s Fiend legacy alive with her excellent performances.

How do you think Alexa’s gimmick will continue on from here? Leave your thoughts below.

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