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Alexa Bliss returns to the ring with a possible Nikki Cross feud

Alexa Bliss made a return to the ring at a house show last evening in Trenton, N.J. She has been appearing less frequently in the ring as she has been focusing on her talk show segments – A Moment of Bliss.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., Bliss was hosting her show with Natalya as her guest. The segment abruptly ended when Lacey Evans interrupted and attacked Natalya with the help of Bliss. Nikki Cross came to the aide of Natalya and a match was booked. Natalya and Cross came through with the win as Natalya locked in the Sharpshooter on Bliss.

The dynamics of this match foreshadows the prior rumors of Natalya becoming Evans’ first feud on the main roster. As for Cross, she has expressed her desire to “play with” Bliss after finding out that she will be the host of WrestleMania. She feels snubbed that she is “never invited to these things,” and that no one ever pays attention to her.

This could lead to future matches between Cross and Bliss, if that is the route WWE intends on following. The WrestleMania card isn’t quite finished yet as many title matches haven’t even received the official word. A match between these two may be unlikely to make the card, but there is always a possibility.

If the rumored Women’s Battle Royal happens, then Bliss could enter it and have further interactions with Cross. Cross has made it apparent that she wants to make a scene at WrestleMania and embrace being “free” from everyone looking down on her.

What do you think of Bliss’ return to the ring? Do you think this could amount to a future feud with Cross? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section.

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