Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Alicia Fox and Kharma’s “WWE ’12” Characters Officially Unveiled

THQ has officially unveiled two new Diva characters for WWE ’12 — former Divas Champion Alicia Fox and Kharma.

Both Divas will be available as DLC, or downloadable content, with Alicia available for free and Kharma as a paid-for character.

Previously, footage leaked of Kharma and Vickie Guerrero‘s characters.

In the game, Kharma, who never had an official match in WWE, will retain some of her signatures moves from TNA and elsewhere — the Implant Buster (which was seen in WWE) and the Awesome Bomb.

Meanwhile, Fox retains her old “Hot in Herre”-styled music and the scissors kick. Since turning babyface, she has debuted new music and a new somersault leg-drop finisher.

Check out the videos of their entrances and finishing moves below:

Kharma entrance

Kharma finisher

Alicia Fox entrance

Alicia Fox finisher

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