Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Amale picks up her first victory in NXT UK after clashing with Xia Brookside


On last week’s NXT UK, Meiko Satomura replaced Xia Brookside in the gauntlet match, and went on to earn another shot at the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

The week before this, Amale attacked Brookside, seemingly to replace her in the five-woman match. However, this clearly backfired as Satomura replaced the star. NXT UK management then revealed that the pair would be going head-to-head once Brookside had recovered from her injuries.

The time came for the two to face off on this week’s NXT UK. The bout between the two women got off with a frenzied start, and Brookside grabbed Amale by the hair and dragged her across the ring.

The action between the pair spilled over to the outside of the NXT UK ring, and this is when Amale gathered more momentum. The French Hope rammed her rival into the ring apron, before throwing her back into the ring and attempting a pin. Brookside kicked out. Amale got another near-fall when she hit Brookside with a savage strike to the face.

This brought Brookside back to having the upper hand in the match. She hit Amale with a series of strikes, followed up with a sharp dropkick which she followed up with headscissors. This combo sent Amale crashing to the mat.

Amale recovered from this, and came back with more strikes on her opponent. She then attacked her rival with a powerful-looking spinebuster slam to pin her rival and take home the win.

This marked Amale’s official first win since joining WWE.

This was the only women’s match on NXT UK this week. However, a vignette was shown of Aoife Valkyrie. In the clip, the star mused over Satomura ending her previous winning streak. As the NXT UK Superstar explored woodland, she claimed that she was coming for Satomura in the future, and vowed to beat her.

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