Becky Lynch possibly removed from Survivor Series card due to injury


As first reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, sources have stated that Becky Lynch will be removed from the Survivor Series card due to injury.

At the tail end of last night’s Raw, Becky Lynch led the women of SmackDown Live in an invasion of the Red Team’s women’s locker room, and in-ring during Alexa Bliss‘ announcement of who was selected for the red brand’s women’s Survivor Series team.

A brawl between women of both brands ensued. During the action, Nia Jax stiffed Lynch, causing a cut to open and bleed. Fightful’s sources are reporting that what appeared to be a nose injury, was also a concussion.

Lynch posted photos of the injury on Twitter, using the injury to her advantage as “the man”.

Sapp’s report states multiple doctors checked on Lynch backstage, after the action, and she did not travel with other SmackDown teammates to their next stop, in St. Louis, for tonight’s show.

WWE has not released a statement, nor confirmed the report, as of the time this article is published. It is being reported that Jax is receiving some heat, internally.

Lynch was scheduled for a champion vs. champion match against Ronda Rousey for Survivor Series, which was slated to be the most anticipated match of the night.

Survivor Series is scheduled for this coming Sunday night, Nov. 18, on the WWE Network. Diva Dirt will update as we have more information.


  1. This was the only match I was looking forward to besides Rollins v/s Nakamura. This was going to be the show stealer. I really hope she can be cleared to fight but its not looking good, Jax hit Becky hard. I really hope WWE comes up with a smart solution and doesn’t just have Becky drop the title and have Charlotte replace her. Please just don’t do that! Becky is on a career high surely something else can be worked out.

  2. If Becky is out for just a few weeks, hopefully they don’t cut her title run short once she returns like her first title run, but they should drop Nia down to the bottom of the totem pole like they did to King Mabel after he injured Diesel at Summerslam 1995 and break Taker’s orbital bone on Raw. Let Ronda squash Nia as a punishment to Nia.

  3. In my opinion, Nia is a lazy worker. She was too green to have been called up when she was and she hasn’t improved much since then. I know accidents happen but she also gave Zelina a concussion at Evolution. She just possibly ruined the biggest match on the SS card so this is frustrating to say the least. Ugh.

    • Vince only sees dollar signs. If Becky is getting the job done and generating $$$, Vince wouldn’t care even if she looked like Carrie.

      I get the feeling that back then he put the women in a niche because he truly believed the women couldn’t draw. He had to see it to believe it. Now that he has, he likely will be ok with giving the women a significant spotlight when he sees the fans care.

  4. Finger’s crossed it’s not as serious as this and was just a nasty blow to the nose! Literally the “match of Becky’s career” thus far on Sunday, hope she gets to compete!

    It seems to always be the same doesn’t it, someone waits and waits and then when they finally get that “shine”, they get injured.

  5. Y’all let’s come together and pray for our good sister’s Rebecca and Lexi this is so unfortunate for Becky the timing is just awful now there are ppl saying she may have to relinquish title also Lexi in ring career may be cut short several reports say WWE has already start training and grooming her in other aspects of the business that she’s suffered several concussions in a short period of time like DB and they aren’t interested in risking it even if cleared they are scared to put her back in the ring it could be months or yrs or maybe never …. Fix it jesus heal em god

  6. Honestly this tragedy is the best option.
    Ronda wouldn’t have lost to Becky and people were gonna turn on her.
    Now they will keep this match till wrestle mania 2019 where Becky will defeat Ronda and rightfully solidify herself as the face of the division.
    every cloud has a silver lining.

  7. I mean Alexa is concussed and she’s still featured, so it’s not all over. If they do pull it I would like to see it replaced at least, maybe they could do Ronda vs Charlotte after Flair refused to be captain of Team SD and Flair being the champion before Becky.

    Charlotte takes the loss (shockingly) and a mark of respect at the end of the match. Becky attacks Ronda and either Charlotte intervenes before turning on Ronda or she simply raises Becky’s arm. This could plant the seeds for the battle of the Horsewomen and saves Ronda vs Becky while progressing it.

  8. Hopefully Becky can at least show up on Survivor Series and cost RAW the 5v5 match. Either via distraction (if she isn’t healthy enough for anything else) or via chair shots to both Ronda and Nia. Great setup for a continuation of the rivalry (now epic after Becky’s iconic moment last night).

  9. Just read on that they might have Becky drop the title tonight so Ronda can have an opponent for Sunday. Charlotte, Mandy or one of the IIconics are being considered.

    I hope they aren’t about to pull that stunt but if they were, put it on Asuka please!

    • Mandy makes the most sense for storyline progression.

      I hope she doesn’t drop the title, just a backstage attack.

      I don’t want them to ruin a Women’s Wrestlemania Main Event for the first time ever by throwing Charlotte already with Ronda.

    • Drop the title!?!?! Wtf
      All they needed to do was keep advertising the match – at SS play the video package – Ronnie does her entrance – Becky’s music hits – she doesn’t show – camera cuts to backstage – Becky laying on the ground – Tamina and Jax are standing over her with chairs – Then they head down the ramp to brawl with Ronnie. Like what the actual F

  10. I really hope we don’t get a rushed up Ronda VS Charlotte.

    Apparently, management is scrambling to find a solution.

    In my eyes, there are only 2 options.

    (1) Get Ronda vs Nia early and end the Nia feud.

    (2) Continue to advertise the match, come Sunday get Mandy Rose to come out with a wig to Becky’s music. Have her say she attacked Becky out of this PPV and that Paige may have denied her a spot on the Smackdown SS team, so she decided to make her place. Obviously she would lose to Ronda. This would get Mandy NUCLEAR, like Eva Marie nuclear, heat. It gets her over with the fans that way. It is logical from a storyline perspective with the angle from last week where Paige didn’t giver her a spot. It also sets up Becky’s December title mini feud before the re-actual-match of Ronda VS Becky at Royal Rumble.

    So I am praying angle B is gonna happen.

  11. Well……There goes that momentum. Guess the next Rousey match we get to see will consist of Nia just running into her multiple times, throwing her around the ring for 10 minutes, sitting on her, and then putting her up on her shoulders to try to fall on her (Samoan Drop…….Yawn…….) just for Ronda to counter with an armbar,

    Enjoy, everyone……

  12. They should have really still advertised the match, not cancelled it – and as Becky’s music plays – it cut to Becky on the ground with Nia and Tamina standing over her with chairs – then they come down to the ring and brawl with Ronnie.

  13. If Trish got to keep the belt for nearly 5 months back in 2005 so can Becky. They can make it work.

    I don’t care about Nia’s size, reality is she is a bad worker. She works like a Nitro Girl who’s been taught a couple of hair biel’s and flips.

  14. Odd announcement. Becky’s promo was on point, but that hug seemed unplanned. It looked like they broke character for that. Obviously Becky and Charlotte are friends, but I don’t think the intent was for them to hug it out.

    Maybe they are planning a 4HW vs 4HW feud now?

  15. Now Nia is public enemy number one because we’ve lost a dream match. I could never hold anyone responsible for hurting someone unintentionally. These people train and knows what comes with the territory. Unfortunate events happen and this happens to be one

  16. If this is true and Becky might be injured but she can still function to sell a few things, maybe what they can do is have Ronda look like she did it. Something like this: they hear a crash coming in from the women’s locker room, officials go in and they see Becky unconscious with Ronda standing over her. Granted it’s kind of similar to what happened on RAW but that’s just off the top of my head.

    Point is, they should try to make lemonades out of their lemons, book things to make it seem as though Ronda injured her, sideline her for a while, and have their feud continue all the way to Wrestlemania because, damn it, Becky was on FIRE last night.

    I realize that a few salty sisters are here to discredit how good she is right now because they were brushing her aside before her push. Didn’t we read stuff like “Becky doesn’t draw? Becky has no charisma? Becky can’t be champ?” Well now, Becky has made them all look like fools and I love they’re trying to save face by picking away at her for every little detail. Stay pressed kids.

  17. I may get flack, shaded, or cussed out for saying this. But the only reason I feel Nia Jax was called up so early was to erase/change the physical appearance of what “a diva” was in the past, and that The Rock is her cousin. She never really possessed any real athletic prowess or displayed a real progression of her in ring performance. From the outside looking in, she never cared to be this great “monstrous” being WWE was trying to protraying her as. And that’s honestly WWE’s fault.

    • WWE wants her to be the next Chyna or Beth Phoenix but the problem is, she is NOT them! She does not have the charisma of Chyna or the wrestling skills of Beth nor the passion of the both of them, tbh Nia just wants to be looked at like the average model diva, not a trailblazer

  18. Nia is flat-out dangerous to the other women. She injured Zelina Vega not too long ago, and she’s injured Bayley, Charlotte, Emma, and Alexa as well. And she just screwed over the most anticipated SS match on the card and WWE’s hottest/one of their post over performers to. Something needs to be done about this, it’s long overdue.