Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Beth Phoenix & Natalya Named Divas of the Year by WWE Magazine

The Pin-Up Strong movement has worked its magic on the folks at WWE Magazine, as they’ve selected Beth Phoenix and Natalya as their joint Divas of the Year.

The Divas Champion and her third-generation BFF have picked up the award, with Natalya being quoted as saying: “Beth and I are not cookie-cutter Divas. We love power lifting. We love working out. We love painting. There’s so much stuff that we love doing that’s outside of the norm. We don’t pride ourselves on being models. We pride ourselves on being tough chicks.”

She adds: “People compare us to Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah. She’s Moolah, and I’m Mae.”

The new issue of WWE Magazine is out now.

Did WWE Magazine make the right choice? Sound off in the comments!

Image credit: @fadhitman

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