Friday, September 17, 2021

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Beth Phoenix Snubbed at the Slammy Awards, Says is echoing fans’ sentiments by arguing that Beth Phoenix may have been snubbed last night at the Slammy Awards in the Divalicious Moment of the Year category.

The website argues that the Divas Championship changes hands every year, thus suggesting Kelly Kelly‘s Slammy victory for winning the Divas Title lacks “award-worthy oomph”.

The article continues:

The Survivor Series crowd was floored by Beth’s top rope Glam Slam, a maneuver that looks devastating enough on its own. While we’re at it, Natalya‘s double Sharpshooter also had more “wow” factor as a Divalicious moment. Long live the “pin-up strong” movement.

Read the full story here.

Thoughts: Taking nothing away from Kelly, I agree that as far as a best moment goes, the Super Glam Slam should’ve taken the statue. However, Kelly did deserve a Slammy, but Diva of the Year would have been better suited, but that award was unfortunately axed. I would have liked to see two awards; Diva of the Year which could go to Kelly, while Beth could take the ‘Divalicious Moment’ award. However, as there was only one award for the Divas, I can see why WWE would want to give it to Kelly.

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