Friday, September 24, 2021

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Bound For Glory Discussion Post

Tonight at Bound For Glory, Tessa Blanchard defends the Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie.

Read‘s preview to tonight’s match below:

Since she arrived in IMPACT at Redemption, Tessa Blachard has run roughshod over the Knockouts Division. A third generation wrestler, her legacy all but guaranteed her success but she took over the division with a forcefulness and dominance we have seen in a long time, defeating Kiera Hogan, Allie and Su Yung. She insists she’s undeniable – she proved it in short order.

There is one person she has yet to overcome however: Lucha Royalty, Wera Loca herself Taya Valkyrie. Taya was fed up of seeing Blanchard bully the Knockouts division and had some less than glowing words to say about Tessa’s character and the match was on. So far in her Championship reign, Tessa has had the power advantage against everybody she’s wrestled – that may not be the case tonight. 64% of the time the Knockouts Championship has changed hands at Bound For Glory – history favors the challenger.

Tonight will also see Allie enter the Undead Realm to try and save her friend Kiera Hogan:

Su Yung has haunted Allie since “The Undead Bride” arrived in IMPACT Wrestling on the March 22nd episode of IMPACT. Allie had just captured the Knockouts Championship for a second time and Su burst onto the scene to make Allie’s life a living hell.

Su trapped Allie’s best friend Rosemary in a coffin and cremated it. Yung took Allie’s Knockouts Championship and her soul at Under Pressure on May 31st. Su banished Madison Rayne from IMPACT at Slammiversary and Su took Kiera Hogan from Allie two weeks ago on IMPACT, despite Allie’s vow that Su Yung would never take anybody from her again.

Allie has already embraced the shadow to fight Su to no avail. Now, with the help of Father James Mitchell, Allie will travel to The Undead Realm to save Kiera’s soul. What happens when your nightmare’s come to life and you have to fight them? What else will Allie find in The Undead Realm? Can Kiera be saved?

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