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Brandi Rhodes addresses The Decay on this week’s Impact

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After two weeks of a having to deal with Rosemary and her strive for new members to join The Decay, Brandi Rhodes will formally speak out to the Deal Dealers on this week’s episode of Impact. sat down with Brandi to ask her a few questions on how she plans to approach The Decay.

On what’s in store for Thursday night: “I may be new, but I’m not dumb. I know Rosemary probably isn’t going to leave me alone. So I have a plan for Thursday. I’m taking matters into my own hands. I don’t enjoy being toyed with and I’m ready to get her off my back, whatever happens happens”.

Why she thinks Rosemary is targeting her: “I think Rosemary is curious about an individual like myself for many reasons. One, we are the exact opposite. While she is interested in “decaying” I’m on Instagram partnering with brands posting about the latest beauty products. So I’m kind of the opposite of decaying. I’m a bikini model turned TV personality turned wrestler. I’ve done a lot of glamorous things. Rosemary pretends to hate the glamorous life but she sure is curious about it. Who knows what’s under that ‘decay’. Could be the next Heidi Klum if given the chance.”

Her reaction as to what happened last week between her and Rosemary: “I don’t want to be friends with Rosemary, but I also don’t want to be enemies. I want to just go my way and have her go hers. If not, it’s going to get crazy I’m sure. But I’ve got plenty of crazy inside of me too. Does she really want to tap into that? Guess we will find out this week!”

During a Facebook Live via Impact Wrestling UK Facebook page, Brandi says that though Rosemary may have the numbers game, she plans to deal with Rosemary “woman to woman.”

Are you looking forward to Brandi’s encounter with The Decay? Do you think the Decay are in need of new members? How would you book this confrontation? Let us know in the comments below!

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