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Brandi Rhodes on leaving on her own terms, the quality of WWE and more

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Former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes (previously known as Stardust) spoke with The Walker Nation Podcast on his time with WWE, his future and more. Cody soon began discussing the topic of his wife leaving, which then lead to Brandi Rhodes hopping onto the microphone to explain her situation for herself. Here are the highlights:

On leaving WWE:

“I was already leaving, my contract was up … which a lot of people don’t know, and it drives me kinda nuts that everybody goes “oh, good for you, stand by your man,” yeah that’s great but, he decided to quit, I had decided I was leaving a long time ago. I had been told that we were talking about the contract for about eight months, and that they were pulling the trigger on some things and they needed to do some things, and then we didn’t talk about [Cody’s] contract. And that eight month stretch, about three months into that I realized none of that’s real, this is all just being said to keep me interested and it’s not going to happen. And the things that they were saying, they still haven’t happened, and they won’t be happening any time soon. You go, “okay, well, what else can I do here to make myself happy?” so I pitched every idea I could think of: wrestling, managing, TV shows, WWE Network, YouTube, and one of them I was able to do, everything else was shut down. So then I thought, my box is closed, they’ve got a box of what they want me to do, and that’s not what I wanna do. Didn’t wanna be a ring announcer any more so I was quitting, and I felt great about that. Couldn’t wait for my day to say “hey guys, thank you so much,” and, you know, amicable on my part, ‘cos you know, I’d already decided. And then, about three weeks before I was ready to do that, here comes the knight in shining armor, “hey everyone I’m the hero and I quit!””

On her final pay-per-view:

“So I got in the ring for the pay-per-view, which is pretty scary ‘cos you don’t know what people are gonna do, and sometimes people blame me for things that are out of my control like I told them to do that. You know, I’m just ready to do my job, so I stand in the ring and we’re not doing anything yet, just silence, and people start chanting “Cody.” And I’m standing in the ring and they start chanting “Cody,” so you know, you’re standing there, I’m his wife obviously so I’m not just gonna go … so I’m just bopping my head to it like “yeah, yeah, yeah, good!” I go [points to self] “me? okay.” People see this. So I go, and what [they’re] doing [the production workers] is motioning, “get the hell out.” So I go stand to the back of the ring, and I knew what happened then and then I went back and sat down after I announced that match and said “who was saying for me to go sit to the back?” and they told me, that came from the truck. I said, “okay, ask them, do they want me to leave?” because it’s not my fault. And they’re like “we’re not gonna ask that,” and I said “okay, well, I’ll be here one more day, I’ll finish out what I was supposed to do.” It’s funny, but, just wanted to clear the air. I was doing my own thing.”

On Cody’s mustache and gimmicks in WWE:

“The mustache grew out on one of [Cody’s] very brief injuries, and I said, “if you keep that thing on your face, they’re gonna wanna keep it,” because that’s how silly that company is. If I decided to pick up a bunch of dog turds from the backyard and put ’em together and make ’em a hat and wear ’em out to the ring, all of a sudden every week I’m Dog Turd Hat Girl, and that’s just it, and then I’ve bagged the best job in the company. I wish it was [a stretch]. JoJo, get some dog turds and put ’em on your head and see what happens!”

“But I told them, that’s what would happen! Immediately, the first day he went back, at that time I wasn’t working, and he texted me and was like, “we got a problem.” And I was like “please, God, tell me this is not staying,” and I – go on record, sorry men of America – I got rid of the mustache, because I was getting married, and I’m sorry, they ended up in my engagement photos, good enough. I needed my wedding photos to look good, so y’all got ’em for the engagement photos. Sweet joke on me, not the wedding.”

You can listen to the full podcast in which Cody discusses his own career and life, by visiting The Walker Nation’s iTunes page.

How do you feel about Eden’s comments? Do you think she was right to leave? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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