Brandi Rhodes reveals her dream opponents


WAGS Atlanta and WOH star Brandi Rhodes recently spoke with the Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly podcast to discuss what she learned from the WWE to apply to her current wrestling career, dream opponents, filming for WAGS and more. Highlights of the interview below, courtesy of After Buzz TV.

On what she learned from the WWE: If you sit at ringside, it’s the best seat in the house. And I sat at ringside for almost 5 years. Watching some phenomenal matches, watching some not so phenomenal matches. So, I’ve seen a lot of wrestling. I’ve seen it up close and personal and I think it helped me to understand what I’m trying to do and what I would like to do. I know what things excited me and what things excite fans around me.

On who inspired her: Less on the match side but more on the side of someone who has always inspired me as a persona in wrestling all together, of course, is Sensational Sherri, she’s the best. At everything, she has ever done and I always love watching her. She wasn’t the most trained wrestler but her matches we always so entertaining and high quality she had no fear and wasn’t afraid of anything.

On filming WAGS: It was very hard for me because I had to maintain the crazy wrestling schedule as well try to film. It was difficult for me to have any real interactions with people on the show. I missed a lot when they were filming. It funny… I missed so many things and people were saying you are missing all of these things. None of those things I missed were on the show…. A lot of the stuff for me was centered around wrestling.

Her career highlights and future goals: My first time being in front of a very large crowd on the other side as an actual wrestling talent was the Wrestle Kingdom 12. That was such a surreal amazing experience for me; the fans over there in Japan, it’s like Japan’s Wrestlemania. It was such a cool feeling to be sort of a focus as opposed to someone who is helping to enhance other people and that one I probably won’t forget for sometime cause the energy I felt being out there was one of the best things ever. Looking forward to the future, there are so many things I want to do, so many hats I want to wear; even though I’ve worn too many at the point. I’m still very much looking to do more on the side of TV/ film. I’m kind of working on some smaller projects in that area right now. So we will see what happens with all of that. And again I do like the reality realm, at some point I want to produce my own content.

On who she would like to have a match with: I’ve always wanted to wrestle Awesome Kong. She was the first person I got into a ring when I was in FCW. I think I had been there for like 3 days or something ridiculous and she came and she got in the ring said, ‘ get in the ring with me’ and I was like ‘ oh, Lord, this is scary’. But it was so much fun. So, I felt like there was always potential there for more with me and her. There are so many great girls to work with right now. I like Britt Baker, Chelsea Green, Toni Storm. I’m hoping once I get over there to Stardom, I’ll get to work with some of those girls. I have really no idea what is store for me when I get to Stardom Cinderella Tournament.

Rhodes also discusses her work schedule with her Cody Rhodes, traveling around the world and the upcoming “All in Event.”

You can watch the full interview below:

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