Thursday, September 23, 2021

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British Reality Star Amy Childs Working Angle for TNA?

In a presumably kayfabe article on British tabloid The Daily Star‘s website today, TNA Knockouts Gail Kim and Velvet Sky “slammed” British reality star, Amy Childs, best known for appearing on The Only Way is Essex and the last season of Celebrity Big Brother.

The article seems to be suggesting that Childs will be making an appearance during the company’s tour of the UK at the end of this month.

Knockouts Champion, Kim, supposedly said: “Everything about her is fake. The hair, the boobs, the fame.”

Meanwhile, former champion Velvet reportedly added: “Hey Amy! Come see us and we’ll show you what genuine class is all about.”

Thoughts: I’m guessing that they’ll be doing some sort of angle with Childs during one of the shows. For those not familiar with her, Childs rose to fame in 2010 as one of the cast members of a Jersey Shore-like reality show named The Only Way is Essex. She left the show after two seasons and appeared on Celebrity Big Brother last September before landing her own reality show on Channel 5. It should be noted that both Channel 5, whom Childs works for, and the Daily Star newspaper are owned by the same company, so this could be an angle filmed for her reality show rather than for TNA.

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