Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Brooke Hogan Wants to Wrestle?

Could we soon be witnessing Brooke Hogan get physical on Impact Wrestling?

The singer/actress/model turned VP of the Knockouts division has apparently asked her dad, Hulk Hogan’s advice on stepping into the ring, according to her wrestling champion father.

The Impact General Manager said: “She’s been asking me about it and I told her, ‘Look Brooke you’re not 18 anymore you’re 24 so do what you want to do.’ If she does do it then it will probably be fun to watch but the business is tough.”

However, as most parents would be, Hulk said that he is very worried that Brooke may get hurt in the ring and he doesn’t want her to follow in his footsteps and have to endure a number of injuries.

Hulk said: “It’s a pleasure working with her on camera, but my greatest fear has always been the evils of this business, and her getting in too deep and becoming full-time and getting hurt. I’d just hate to see that after what I’ve been through.”

Unbeknownst to us, Brooke has already been in the ring once before and Hulk said his daughter loved it.

He said: ”She’s been in the ring one time messing about and she loved it – which scared me to death! I can understand it, it’s very addictive. Part of it is because I’m her father and part of it is that if you do get in the ring and take a few bumps it’s like being addicted to chocolate or drugs, you either like it or you don’t, it’s very addictive and I think she got into the ring and she loved it.”

Thoughts: “Say what you want, I’m coming through, new girl in town, I’m coming for you!” Have the lyrics to Brooke’s theme song been foreshadowing this all along? In all honestly, Brooke has been performing well in her role as Knockouts VP and there is no reason for her to stop that but if she wants to get in the ring, I’m excited. It would certainly create some buzz although without enough training, it could be the wrong type of buzz. With some time in OVW, I think it would be great to see what Brooke could do inside the squared circle.

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