Candice Michelle Wants To Be Drafted To SmackDown



Seems like paparazzi agency TMZ still has WWE fever! Granted, people like TMZ only report on the WWE when there’s something negative to say, like a death due to overdose. However, a recent post on their website recounts an interaction with Raw Diva Candice Michelle. Here is a reader’s story of what happened on the flight out of Houston with the Candy Coated Diva:

I shared a ride to the airport with her and was on her plane leaving Houston. She mentioned she was looking forward to a few days off to heal her ankle more, because she was on it way too much this past weekend.

She also stated that she hopes to be on Smackdown after the draft as it will help in her recovery. Not exactly sure why, but she was [an] extremely nice person.

I personally couldn’t agree with Candice more! I have been saying for quite some time that Candice needs to go to SmackDown bad. Her character has become desperately stale on Raw. She has been very injury-prone and I don’t think she has returned to the kind of wrestler she was before her first clavicle injury with Beth Phoenix. She had an amazing 2007: a Playboy cover, the Women’s Championship, and the top face Diva on Raw. Suddenly, a year and a few injuries later, and Candice is occasionally seen… backstage. She got to crown Santina, but that’s about the most she’s done in quite some time.

A move to SmackDown would revive her career so much, in my opinion. She would be one of the top faces of the blue brand, working alongside Gail Kim and Maria, (hopefully above Maria) and could eventually be in line for a run with the Divas Championship if her cards are played right and she gets back into tip-top shape as far as her wrestling goes. I’m glad Candice sees this too; there’s no way she’s going to be the top Diva like she was in the past with the likes of Melina, Mickie James, and Kelly Kelly in competition for that spot too. Although, with the Draft coming up, both brands could be looking completely different, but if you ask me, going to SmackDown could be just what her career needs or she could very well find herself being wished well on her future endeavors…