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Each week, The Backpage will wrap up the week in women’s wrestling by compiling the week’s smaller news stories, rumors and gossip – anything not normally covered by Diva Dirt.

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Today in History: Daffney vs. Taylor Wilde in a “10,000 Thumbtacks”...

On this day in history: https://dailymotion.com/video/x9pkxu June 25th, 2009 | Daffney and Taylor Wilde's "10,000 Thumbtacks" match placed a bag full of thumbtacks atop a pole...


NXT Spoilers: June 28th – July 12th, 2017

WWE has taped several weeks worth of NXT. Spoilers below. (Note: Some of the matches are being taped out of order tonight) * Bianca BelAir (formerly...