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Rhea Ripley reportedly returns home after work visa expires *Updated*

Update: Rhea Ripley took to Instagram to debunk the rumor by posting a video on her instagram story that she is in...
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Upcoming GFW Amped Spoilers

Spoilers for an upcoming episode of GFW Amped, taped October 23rd, 2015.

Video: First Look at Global Force Wrestling’s Debut Episode

Global Force Wrestling has released two preview videos of the first episode of Amped. The videos, which reveal the episode's cold open and show clips...

Global Force Wrestling Announces International TV Deal

Global Force Wrestling has secured its first television deal: London-based sales and production house Boulder Creek International will distribute Amped internationally starting in November. BCI,...

Upcoming GFW Amped Spoilers

Spoilers for upcoming episodes of GFW Amped, taped August 21st, 2015.

GFW Women’s Title Tournament Match Set for Next Tapings

Global Force Wrestling will hold its second television tapings this Friday, and another GFW Women's Title tournament match is on the card. Amber Gallows, Candice...

Impact Write-Up (August 12th, 2015): TNA vs. GFW

#ShowYourImpact or #JoinTheForce, choose your side! That's right Knockout fans, this week's Impact Wrestling show pins an all about war between members of the...

Upcoming GFW Amped Spoilers

Spoilers for upcoming episodes of GFW Amped, taped July 24th, 2015.

Global Force Wrestling Announces Championship Tournaments

Global Force Wrestling has officially announced the formation of four divisions, each with a championship to vie for. In a short video produced by GFW,...

Mickie James Joins Global Force Wrestling

Former Divas, Women's and Knockouts Champion Mickie James has been announced for Global Force Wrestling's first television tapings at the end of July. Karen Jarrett...

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WWE’s Women’s Roster participates in the #DontRushChallenge

The ladies of WWE are keeping busy with their social media attributes as they participate in the #DontRushChallenge.

Winners & Losers: RAW 04.06.20

Here we are! We made it past the most unique WrestleMania in history. After WrestleMania there always seems to hit a "reset"...

Becky Lynch becomes a year long champion

Today marks the day that Becky Lynch hit the huge milestone of holding the RAW Women's Championship for 365 days.