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Former Diva on issues with AJ Lee and possible WWE return

Ariane Andrew, who was known as Cameron during her stint at WWE, recently spilled details on her relationship with AJ Lee, wardrobe...

Historic TLC Match Announced! Becky Lynch Invites Conor Mcgregor to WWE

Historic First-Ever Women’s TLC match is booked on SmackDown! But on Raw, Ronda and Nia seem to be in a weird love square where...

Top 5 WWE Women’s Finishers (and the Worst)

Figure 8, Eclipse, Stratusfaction and Widow's Peak! There are so many great finishers in the history of WWE, but what are some of the...

BLOODY Becky Lynch Injury Updates! Massive HEAT on Nia Jax Backstage

The highly anticipated clash between the Champions at Survivor Series is officially canceled due to Becky Lynch's "broken face." Injuries are never a good...

SHOCKING Main Roster Debut! Ronda Rousey Tops PWI Women’s 100 List

Ronda Rousey Makes Another Headline Toppling the Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Top 100 Female List, and The Man, Becky Lynch, is NOT happy about it!...

Huge Champion vs. Champion at Survivor Series! Serena Williams at WrestleMania?

Can you believe that we’re only 3 weeks away from Survivor Series?! For the big annual event, WWE announced a huge Champion vs Champion...