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Charlotte says she wants the Four Horsewomen to headline a PPV

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After going into the history books with Sasha Banks as the Raw main event on Monday, a feat that hasn’t been seen in 12 years, Charlotte spoke with Sports Illustrated about her friendship with Becky Lynch, her goals with her fellow Horsewomen, her special robes, and more.

On the possibility of headlining a PPV: “I want to headline a pay per view, and I want it to be the fatal four-way with the Four Horsewomen. The last time I cried was watching the Women’s Revolution on WWE Network a couple of weeks ago when they asked Bayley if she felt left out of WrestleMania [32], and she said, ‘No, I felt a part of it, because even though it was the three of them [Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte] there, it took the four of us to get to where we are.'”

On her friendship with Becky: “Becky is my Sting. She is a white meat, pure babyface. There is no gray area. She’s my size, she’s hard-hitting, and we’re best friends.”

On choosing to add robes to her attire: “At WrestleMania, I knew I needed to do something special. I asked myself, ‘Should I wear a robe? Can I take myself seriously as an athlete in a robe?’ So Terry [Anderson], who designs my robes and did my dad’s WrestleMania robe against Shawn Michaels, made my blue robe, which had pieces from my dad’s robe in it. My dad’s robe is in the Smithsonian in the pop culture section, and that robe was such a hit, so she said, ‘Let’s do another one.’ My dad’s were kind of bulky, but mine are a little more feminine. I wore my dad’s robes all the time as a kid. When I was in the second grade, it was ‘bring your shoe in to decorate’ – I don’t know why that was even an arts and crafts project – but I brought in my dad’s wrestling boot and I decorated that.”

To read the whole interview, go here.

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