Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Christy Hemme Retires as In-Ring Performer


As revealed last week, Christy Hemme has been moved into a broadcasting role due to her neck injury at the beginning of the year. Hemme has now announced her retirement from active competition.

The Knockout says that she is healthy and her neck is fine, however she is considering her long-term health.

Speaking on her official podcast [who knew she had one?], Hemme says she made her decision after a six-Knockout tag team match featuring herself, ODB and Hamada against The Beautiful People. She says: “For the first time in wrestling, I was totally nervous. […] I knew in that match I was done.”

Hemme continues with the story of what she told TNA management: “I came in the next week and told TNA I was done physically wrestling within the women’s division and if they had anything else that they wanted me to be part of.”

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