Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Chyna Talks About Her Relationship With HHH, Returning to the WWE, Current Divas and Knockouts & More

Former WWE Women’s Champion Chyna recently took part in an interview on Philadelphia radio station Mix 106.1, discussing everything from her relationship with HHH to her thoughts on todays crop of Divas and Knockouts:

Starting out in the business: Shawn Michaels discovered her, and she did a big portion of her training in Japan, learning mixed martial arts.

Her relationship with Triple H: She didn’t see the break-up with HHH coming, but knows that wrestling is his “first love” and that he “he, sleeps and breathes” it. She says everything is good between them now, but doesn’t think he would be where he is today (at the top of the WWE) if he wasn’t in a relationship with the boss’s daughter.

The WWE today: She thinks the WWE is “lame” now, and that they lack the storylines that drew fans in during her tenure. The issue preventing her from ever returning to the WWE is Vince McMahon. He treated her poorly compared to other men in power like Hugh Hefner. She says Vince “ignores” her now.

Thoughts on current Divas and Knockouts: Chyna trained Kharma in a Japanese Dojo at the beginning of her career. She says she thinks she paved the way for women’s wrestling today and hopes the women in the business are having fun and being treated well. She says the Knockouts are great in the ring.

All in all, it’s a pretty interesting conversation. Listen to the full interview by clicking here.

What do you think of Chyna’s comments? Would you want to see her return to the WWE? Tell us in the comments!

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