Creative writing role for WWE’s women’s division may change

Credit: WWE

Johnny Russo has served as a creative writer for WWE since 2011. Russo has a history in sports journalism that includes both on-air and behind the scenes roles. He has served as a director, anchor and producer in his previous work.

Last Word on Pro Wrestling is reporting that Russo will no longer remain in his current role. Neither WWE or Russo have officially announced his change in position or removal from the company at this time.

Russo has been pivotal for the women’s division. Although not a big name on the creative team, he has become head writer for the women. His role is said to be given to an unmentioned female writer.

This news is being presented at the same time we learned about Dana Warrior stepping into a writing position herself. This speculation could be mere coincidence, or maybe Warrior is taking over Russo’s crucial role as the women continue to dominate in the ring. Whether she is taking over this specific position or not, additional female minds in creative writing may lead to different storytelling.

What do you think about this news? Do you think if Russo is exiting out that Warrior is moving in? Let us know in the comments!