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Dead Ringers: Katie Lea and Audrina Partridge

Have you ever thought that a certain Diva resembled another celebrity out there? Ever done double-take while watching a movie or TV show and thought “Hang on, isn’t that so-and-so?” Well we certainly have! Diva Dirt’s Dead Ringers aims to seek out our Divas celeb dopplegangers and highlight them here, for you to vote whether there’s a passing resemblance or not! Also feel free to suggest your own dead ringers by e-mailing us at [email protected].


The Diva: Our favourite Brit, ECW’s Katie Lea.

The Celeb: The Hills star and aspiring actress, Audrina Partridge. As one of the stars of the popular MTV ‘reality’ show along with Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, Audrina has become an instant celeb since the show launched in 2005. Since then she (along with the rest of the cast) has featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, taken on some acting roles and delivered us mountains of rich white girl drama! She’s also said to be schmoozing with the sexy ‘Star Trek’ actor, Chris Pine (Bitch!).

This dead ringer connection is mainly in the face and hair. To her adoring ‘fans’, Audrina is often referred to as ‘Ceiling Eyes’ and Katie has a similar facial bone structure as Audrina. Plus, both are usually seen with raggedy haired, beared fellas. Katie with ‘brother’ Paul and Audrina with on-off boyfriend, Justin Bobby.

Do you see what I see? Is Audrina Partridge a dead ringer for Katie Lea? Vote below:

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PS: Feel free to recommend your own dead ringers by e-mail or comment.

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