Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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Dead Ringers: Michelle McCool and Kadee Strickland

Have you ever thought that a certain Diva resembled another celebrity out there? Ever done double-take while watching a movie or TV show and thought “Hang on, isn’t that so-and-so?” Well we certainly have! Diva Dirt’s Dead Ringers aims to seek out our Divas celeb dopplegangers and highlight them here, for you to vote whether there’s a passing resemblance or not! Also feel free to suggest your own dead ringers by e-mailing us at [email protected].


The Diva: Our new Women’s Champion and first ever Female Grand Slam Champion, Michelle McCool.

The Celeb: 31-year-old Kadee stars in the hit ABC show, Private Practice, the spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy. She plays Dr Charlotte King on the show and in real life is married to former Roswell actor, Jason Behr.

I have to admit, when I was Googling pictures of Kadee, it didn’t do the resemblance justice. So maybe she doesn’t picture too well as Michelle; but whenever I watch Private Practice, I have to do double take because I always think Kadee is Michelle. Maybe if you hear her speak you’ll better see the resemblance, as Kadee sports the same southern drawl as our Women’s Champ; she hails from Patterson, Georgia. Then there’s the pin straight hair and bangs as you can see above.

Do you see what I see? Is Kadee Srickland a dead ringer for Michelle McCool? Vote below:

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PS: Feel free to recommend your own dead ringers by e-mail or comment.

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