Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Detailed Results from 2CW Girls Grand Prix Tournament: Del Rey, Martinez, Perez, Yim & More

Detailed results from last night’s 2CW courtesy of David Muscarella.

The tournament was won by Rachel Summerlyn.

David Muscarella reporting…

2CW held their first Girls Grand Prix last night in Binghamton, NY in front of a packed, standing room only crowd. Seriously, it was hard to move around in that place. The show started late due to flight delays so, doors didn’t open till 7 PM and the show started around 8 PM. Before the show started, most of the women wrestlers were on the stage selling merch and mingling with the crowd. I only note this because Mia Yim and Allysin Kay were at the same table about 5 feet apart, but they never mad eye contact at all.

Round 1:
Portia Perez beat Cherry Bomb via rollup while holding the tights. Before the match started, Portia tried to bribe the ref (Bryce Remsburg) with cash which didn’t work.

Rachel Summerlyn beat Veda Scott in a fast paced match via swinging neckbreaker while holding her leg. I dunno what you call that. I call it effective. Veda Scott continues to impress.

Sara Del Rey beat Allysin Kay via cross arm breaker. Allysin held her own here and gave Sara a good match. She has no shame in losing. Also to note, Allysin came out in this Hannibal Lector style half mask which looked really cool.

Mercedes Martinez beat Mia Yim via Air Raid Crash. Another good match. At one point, Mia was going for her Sky Yim corkscrew moonsault but MM caught her which lead to the finish. The crowd loved Mia’s ring gear which was by far the most revealing outfit of the night.

Round 2:

Rachel Summerlyn beat Portia Perez via Texas Cloverleaf in a crazy, wild brawl. It wasn’t announced as no DQ, but the match happened more out of the ring then inside it. The highlight was Rachel decking Portia with a prosthetic leg all while the crowd chanted “USE THE LEG!” Rachel was crazy over with the fans. I can’t tell you how wild the crowd was for this match. Match of the Night IMO.

Sara Del Rey beat Mercedes Martinez via Royal Butterfly in a good technical match. This was the opposite of the previous match. A lot of wrestling skill on display here. Sara somewhat played the heel here after a stiff kick to her jaw from MM. In the previous match she was very much more of a babyface. While this match was good, it felt a little short and didn’t quite live up to their SHIMMER matches from Volume 1, 5 and 8.


Rachel Summerlyn beat Sara Del Rey via Texas Cloverleaf. Sara was a full blown heel here telling fans that were chanting her name to “shut up”. Before the match started, the trophy was presented and it was announced the match was No DQ/No Countout. Much like the Portia/Summerlyn match earlier, this match went around ringside and lots of use of ring posts and guard rails including Sara landing a cappo kick right to Summerlyn resting on a guard rail. It took two tries with the Texas Cloverleaf before Sara finally tapped. She reached the ropes on the first attempt.

Overall, a great show that lasted nearly 4 hours. I would say there was NO bad match on this card. All matches were given at least 10 minutes and all the girls had a good showing. Its a must buy when the DVD comes out.

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