Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Details on Roxxi’s TNA Return

As fans will have seen this past Thursday night, Roxxi made a surprising return to the company in a match with ODB. The Hardcore Knockout was let go by TNA earlier in the year but brought back for a one-shot appearance in July before her most recent comeback.

The word that we have gotten is that Roxxi will be back in TNA on a permanent basis. She has either signed a contract or is about to sign one but she is indeed back.

Roxxi’s return marks changes within TNA in that part of the reason she was let go was because of issues with Trenesha Biggers [Rhaka Khan] who was dating Kurt Angle at the time. Obviously, that relationship has since ended rather messily and Biggers is no longer part of TNA.

The news of Roxxi’s return should be a big point of celebration for TNA fans, she was without a doubt one of the most popular Knockouts during her time in the company and to see all this come to fruition just in time for the holidays is awesome!

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