WWE Raw Discussion Post


  1. Let’s not act like Sasha wasn’t the original “Man” or “Queen” when they all first got called up the crowd chanted WE WANT SASHA EVERY NIGHT AND SHE HAD A HUGGEEE REACTION WWE LITERALLY KILLED HER SMH ????? THANK YOU SASHA??

  2. As much as it hurts my heart this basically confirms the Sasha rumors are true .. I’ll miss her THANK YOU SASHA I’m with her tho she deserves better .. she was giving big moments but they never believed in her enough to give her a run! THANK YOU SASHA ??(Wipes Tears)

  3. Heard rumors Dana’s spot was actually for Sasha.

    I was hoping to see Ruby and Sarah Logan instead of Nattie and Bliss because both have history doing hardcore matches especially Sarah Logan

    • They can work really well together. Both Alexa and Nikki are great at storytelling so we could have a nice feud going forward maybe they team up and have a Trish & Mickie type of relationship (omg yes) anyways, you people complain about anything that has Alexa involved so whatever

      • Literally everyone complains about EVERYTHING not just her so please dont try and victimize her with the “she does nothing wrong she gets attacked all the time” nice try so “whatever”. I was just saying I don’t want someone like Nikki Cross being the Mickie James to Alexa aka be by her side and wrestle for her like what she did tonight. From what it seems like they might turn this into a storyline where Nikki is crazy over Alexa.

      • Ikr! Literally Alexas haters just hate her for being blonde and pretty. No other excuse.

        Alexa has been in what? Like 3 matches since October? THEY STILL COMPLAIN.
        Out of the title picture? STILL COMPLAINTS.
        She’s doing what she’s great at which is the Moment of Bliss thing, yet those haters still whine and whine again.

        And they acting like Nikki was relevant before this ?? but cause it’s Alexa they just wanna complain about nothing.

      • We complain bc we’re TIREDT. She’s lazy & complacent & her character has been the same for the past 3 years so it’s stale bread @ this point. There are plenty of other women that would take the position she’s in & knock it out the park. Poor Ruby hasn’t been seen in weeks. Mickie & Liv were drafted & still haven’t made their SD Live debut. So yes, we will continue to complain about anything involving Alexa until she proves she deserves her spot ?

          • Something doesn’t add up to that, considering she’s taking back seat and recently put into non-title storylines.. But yeah sureeee that’s the reason lol bigots.

          • She took a backseat bc she was hurt. Non-title storylines because well..if your injured..you can’t hold a title. She’s still in MITB so she’s in a coveted spot. If she wins that means she’s 100% & back to being the company’s golden girl. Time will tell. Either way, she’s hogging too much TV time.

          • She took a backseat and did the moment of bliss segments which was well received amongst the crowds yet you all hated it. She wasn’t even wrestling lool.

            Hosted Mania, wasn’t apart of any match, yet that was a problem.

            She brought Nikki Cross back to relevancy – yall seem to have a problem with that.

          • I personally didn’t hate the Moment Of Bliss segments but I do know some were pressedt she was taking up TV time from some of the other girls that could perform. Her hosting Mania was fine but many had a fear she was gonna insert herself into the main event which would have been tragic. Overall, she did a good job tho. Bringing Nikki Cross back to relevancy? That’s debatable. Creative used her as a plant to get Nikki on TV. I don’t believe that was her doing but okay. Hope that clears some things up about our supposed “hate” towards her.

          • I do agree with how if other women were given the same chances as Alexa they could pull off it too, but Alexa has the presence that most don’t have + shes versatile on the mic.

          • But it’s the same thing every time! Draw the crowd in with a deceitful vulnerable story, go full heel & turn on them, talking about herself, smile & laugh, rinse & repeat. It’s TIREDT sis.

          • Shes been consistent on the mic, shes versatile and reliable. Just like Lacey, Becky and Carmella.

            & Becky been cutting the same exact promo since Nov, where is the outrage?

          • Neckbeards love Becky. I think she’s okay but very overrated. Bliss only really ticks off women’s wrestling fans. She’s okay with the smarks & kids.

          • So what’s the problem admiral? You wanted her to take a back seat and do something else which she did – still complaining.
            She’s getting non-title feuds for once and you guys still complain about her. Cmon with the obvious hate, stop throwing shitty excuses to cover your biased opinionslol

          • They make no sense when it comes to Alexa. Any excuse to hate her.
            Like damn ” she didn’t get a character change” who did besides becky and Nikki cross anyways? ??

          • They’re so delusional. The bias is obvious. They’ll just hate on anyone whose blonde and is getting pushed.

          • To be fair, minorities in WWE are consistently screwed and it’s true that white ppl are getting pushed harder. Watch comments in pages with straight guys on it and they are full of racists comments. But this people project all their anger against the talent which they shouldn’t do!! It’s not Alexa’s decisions. They need to project it against the goddamn racist’s reptiles in power who make does decisions (vincee)

          • She was in a normal tag match but they wouldn’t dare risk her health in an Elimination Chamber because she’s so concussion prone.

          • But I thought she was lazy and doesn’t do anything apart from basic slaps, hair pulls and ddts?

          • & the outrage would have been brutal from actual women’s wrestling fans. Imagine being in an Elimination Chamber & doing the bare minimum to get by. She barely bumps & still gets concussions. This company just loves to cater to her.

          • Because @ the end of the day, she’s still the one getting all the spotlight & the push. We will be happy when the day comes where they use her to put other girls over. Sasha’s done it for almost her entire career. All girls that would die to show what they can do are nowhere to be seen, but yeah, let’s put the injury prone girl on TV & in one of the most dangerous matches. Makes sense..

        • She wrestled like 3 times this year, and when she does wrestle y’all don’t want to see it, so IDK why it bothers you guys this much.

          And difference between Alexa and them (although I do agree with you to an certain extent) is that Alexa has more star power.

          • It’s the creative teams fault she is lazy & doesn’t do anything to freshen up her presence such as burning that funky, musty 2015 gear? It’s the creative teams fault she refuses to takes a full bump & flails around like a fish when a kick or a punch actually never connected. Wait, let me guess, it’s also the creative teams fault this hoe spent the tail-end of 2018 & half of 2019 on the sidelines due to self-inflicted concussions too? Wow, talk about pointing the blame.

          • Blah blah It’s clear as the day you hate her and you are biased as shit. Stop lying to yourself and be honest ?

          • I mean really, look @ our avi’s. We ain’t biased towards blondes. We bias towards laziness ?

          • plz Lacey is getting hate. Charlotte gets hate. Mandy is hated by smarks.
            There is alot of bias hate against blondes. Even when Maryse was active, she got alot of hate, same with Kelly, Torrie etc

          • They get heel hate from the smarks as they should because they are doing their damn jobs. When it comes down to if they flipped the switch & went face they would get cheered. Stop making excuses for your girl. Her gay & girl fans love her because she’s pretty & colorful. The neckbeard smarks love her because she’s hot. A heel getting cheered when they try so hard to get booed is not my definition of star power but go awf sis. Go awf.

          • Are you justifying the sexist comments and slut-shaming smarks make? Because thats all they do lmao.

            No one is making excuses for Alexa. We just said, you guys cried about Alexa wrestling – she wrestled like 3 times this year, you guys cried about her being involved in the title scene, last time she was in them was in October, what excuse are you guys going to come up with now?

            And please do define what star power is.

          • I need to see receipts because smarks love her. It’s the women’s wrestling fans who don’t.

          • But how are we biased? Yes, when we found out she was wrestling again we rolled our eyes. She had a chance to prove her haters wrong & show those moves she was practicing on her IG story but she didn’t do NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I think anyone (given the chance) could achieve the level of star power Alexa has but nobody except Charlotte (& maybe Lacey) has the machine backing them that hard.

          • Did I say you were biased love?

            She said she’ll show them off once she turns face, so wait till then.
            Not anyone can. Natalya been PUSHED OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, does she have star quality written over her? She legit had no presence last week when she stood next to Naomi&Alexa.

            Charlotte gets hate, alot of it. I’ll wait in a couple of months time to see your opinion on Lacey.

  4. Nikki Cross has a lot of experience competing in indie promotions where a lot of the male wrestlers weren’t top stars or household names, so the promotion bought in female wrestlers such as Tessa Blanchard, Santana Garrett and Nikki Cross to give the promotion a jolt and a kick in the ass since a lot of the male stars weren’t considered household names. We’re living in an era where if you attend a house show on the indies, there’s a strong chance the women are bigger stars and more established than the men. Nikki comes from that background.

  5. So Brock can go for any title but the Women couldn’t?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure as the women were walking out, some commentator said they could only go for the title from their retrospective brand.

  6. I think Brock Lesnar is going to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase and somehow incapacitate both Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston and simultaneously pin both wrestlers and win both the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship at the same time

    • I don’t think they’re too high on the totem pole to have them show up on both shows.
      It seems to be Charlotte, Lacey, Becky, & Alexa as the top women on the totem pole to be on both brands. [imo]

  7. The tag match wasn’t bad though. Alexa’s involvement in anything bothers me to my core however I know how to put that aside and acknowledge certain things. The backstage segment with her and Nikki was actually nice even though I wasn’t for the pairing and she didn’t do bad in the match. This was a Lacey spotlight match though for sure

  8. I just wanted to stop by one of these discussion groups to talk about the status of two WWE Superstars. The two WWE Superstars in question is Rusev and Lana. As of late, the WWE has not been using any of them as in booking them in a storyline or making appearances in LIVE events. I am starting to believe that they are possibly holding out and do not want to return back to the WWE. Can anyone please confirm their status with the WWE

    • To be fair Nia & Ruby are injured and Alexa is currently feuding with Bayley and perhaps the Iiconics. So no much choice but drag the feud.. They better call up Bianca soon we need more legitimate challengers

    • WWE is hardly putting any efforts to build the other women in the division as credible contenders to face Becky Lynch. Corbin and Lacey credibility will the damage if they lose at ER so I’m hoping they win. Lacey still early in her career, but Corbin needs it more than anything.

      Naomi is featured in ER promo, but has been MIA.

      Dana Brooke and Sarah Logan mini feud could also been small steps to build a credible contender for The Man.

  9. Lawd Nattie is boring BUT that was a good match between her and Lacey. Nattie really knows how to carryas boring as she is. I was impressed with how good Lacey looked at it was mostly Nattie. They also have really good chemistry with one another

  10. Andrade came to DO THAT! Zelina Vega is starting to become a liability. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch do not come off as a believable couple, maybe it’s awkward onscreen for them. I also don’t understand Baron Corbin hate, the man can do his job.

    I heard a rumor of a BTC Challenger between Alexa Bliss and Bayley.

  11. Natalya….seriously? Just because she’s Canadian that means she gets a title match? Wtf cares about this match. Honestly. No disrespect to Natalya, but this just has nothing.

    BUUUT I guess we have 4 weeks to see where this goes. Just tired of the same circle of women rotating.

    Asuka, Liv, Foxxy, Dana, female legends, Logan, Ember, Ronda returning….let’s heat things up here. But nope, more been there done that.

    The ‘awful’ chants were indeed, well, awful to hear, but when you dont give anyone a reason to care, this will happen.