WWE SmackDown Live Discussion Post


  1. I love a Becky vs Charlotte match like anyone else, but could it NOT be Charlotte vs Becky for the title at MITB? These two will continue to clash for years and every big match will be awesome, but give us some breathing while also letting women like Ember or Bayley take a shot.

  2. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cb471151aaefcaac8a0d5d291eac8be3d6e6519662c832532922fbe89feacfb6.jpg
    Becky Lynch to come face-to-face with Charlotte Flair for the first-time since WrestleMania

    For the first-time since their epic Triple Threat Winner Take All Match against Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania, Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair will stand across the ring from one another.

    Considering the chances that the two intense Superstars will come to blows, will there be anything left of SmackDown LIVE when The Man stands face-to-face with The Queen? Find out tonight on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA Network

  3. WWE needs to not lock Sasha into her contract for the next two years..like you’ve put the poor girl thru enough w your terrible booking of her. Release her like she wants & let her create magic elsewhere like she was born to do. It’s not fair to her fans.

  4. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose could have BOTH been featured in the Women’s MITB ladder match. I rather see Sonya than Mandy.

    Carmella and Ember Moon might get the last two spots. Hoping Mickie James would receive an entry.

  5. Off-topic: If Sasha returns, she could not only go back to being a heel but going after titles and the entire McMahon family, dragging them and calling them out for how they’ve treated her and failed to recognize her talent. If done right, I’d see it as the female equivalent of when Punk went after WWE management.

  6. Mandy Rose pinned Ember Moon! I just don’t buy it, but whatever. Fire and Desire adds depth to a thin women’s tag team division. Excited to see them face Team Strength & Honor (unofficial name) next week! Sonya’s taking the L, due to Mandy being MITB momentum. They could’ve waited post MITB to trigger this feud. I doubt Mandy leaving Ms. Mandy in the Bank. She’s needed elsewhere, as stated above.

    The heels on SD Live outside of Charlotte Flair needs building. IIconics are raking victories on Main Event (I guess that counts).

    It might just be me, but I see Asuka and Kairi Sane struggling to make it work with Paige. I want to vent but it’s not worth it.

    • They need to change the name. Kabuki is theatre for male Japanese performers ?????

      If WWE were really invested in this team, they should have named them Takarazuka Warriors since it’s a female trio smh ?????

      That was just lazy on their behalf. Should’ve just brought the Sky Pirates (Io Shirai) to the main roster instead tbh… Asuka didn’t need a partner, she needed a mouthpiece and they’re ruining her because I’m not feeling Paige in this role.

  7. At least Smackdown is putting on a good showing tonight.

    Bayley is EVERYTHING! I’m so happy for her? Lacey Evans, I love you, but a Lady is not ready for the Queen.

    Mandy Rose came through also. I hate Sonya Deville is her lackey when there’s breakout potential in her. I also hope they’re not going to job Ember Moon to her either.

    Kudos for utilizing the women’s division.

    R-Truth will get his title back tonight lol. Calling it. I hated the title at 1st, but R-Truth made it entertaining.

  8. 1st of all, that coffee angle is already getting old. It’s stupid.

    2nd of all, they better not take the title away from the Hugging Queen this soon and especially to Bliss. I’m “done” with this crappy product if that happens until if/when the Bo$$ returns.

  9. The only thing I care about is if Asuka get a televised match and/or if the Kabuki Warriors finally get thier title shot. WWE has been borderline unwatchable for the majority of the year. When Asuka lost the belt, I dropped the WWE Network and even if it a penny for 3 months, I wont be resubbing until Asuka is featured on PPVs.