Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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Diva Dirt Posts WrestleMania Photoshoot, Remains Defiant While Doing So

WWE.com has posted a photoshoot with all the Miss WrestleMania window dressing participants titled “WrestleMania Backstage Beauties”. As always with our lovely Divas, it’s a delightful mix of cute (Molly Holly‘s old tights!), sexy (Lilian), head-scratching (Jackie Gayda and Eve), skanky (Joy), overkill (Brie Bella), and cross-dresser chic (hey Maria, I thought Santino was supposed to be the one looking like a man in drag!). All in all, it’s nice to actually see the girls, although if I’m honest, I didn’t recognize 1/2 of them in the ring last night. Then again, it’s tough to differentiate one blonde-headed blur from another blonde-headed blur.

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