Diva Draft 2009: Alicia Fox to SmackDown



Welcome the 2009 edition of Diva Draft! It feels like just yesterday when I was putting together last year’s Diva Draft and what a result! I successfully predicted both of the Diva Draft picks as Layla moved to Raw and Maria moved to SmackDown. So this year there’s the added pressure of keeping my streak intact! Unlike last year, the Draft has moved up to April 13th from it’s usual late-June slot meaning it comes just a week after WrestleMania. So over the next few days leading up to the big Draft show, I will be predicting my picks for this year’s Draft. Like last year, I’ll be making six picks but this time, in six consecutive days.


She may not be a ‘top Diva’, but she’s certainly got the potential to become one. In my third Draft pick, I’m nominating ECW’s Alicia Fox to save her own life and ditch that pesky DJ!

Alicia is no stranger to the SmackDown brand where she debuted last year, but she certainly wasn’t in a role like the one I have in mind for her. Alicia is the total package: she’s advanced in the ring from her time in the developmental system, she’s got great looks and is camera friendly. Already on ECW, Alicia has done battle in some good television matches with Katie Lea and Natalya, proving that she’s more than ready for a push as the wrestler.

In FCW, Alicia has shown a lot of progress and talent in the ring during the three years she’s been in development. After being signed at the same time as Kelly Kelly, Alicia was sent straight to OVW and later FCW, while Kelly found instant fame on ECW. However now three years later, I’d go as far as to say Alicia is more advanced than Kelly.

By moving to SmackDown, my aim would be to shake off Alicia’s ‘manager’ position and move her into a babyface wrestling role. Serving under the guidance of Gail Kim, I think Alicia could be able to learn to work the crowd as well as Divas including Maryse, Michelle McCool, the Bellas and Natalya. Teaming up with Gail and Maria, Alicia could serve as the third babyface of the brand making up the numbers in tag matches as well as hopefully having her own feuds and developing as a breakout star. I could definitely see her becoming a future Divas Champion and for that to happen, she needs to be on SmackDown.

Check back tomorrow for Draft pick #4