Diva Draft 2009: Final Thoughts



Welcome the 2009 edition of Diva Draft! It feels like just yesterday when I was putting together last year’s Diva Draft and what a result! I successfully predicted both of the Diva Draft picks as Layla moved to Raw and Maria moved to SmackDown. So this year there’s the added pressure of keeping my streak intact! Unlike last year, the Draft has moved up to April 13th from it’s usual late-June slot meaning it comes just a week after WrestleMania. So over the next few days leading up to the big Draft show, I will be predicting my picks for this year’s Draft. Like last year, I’ll be making six picks but this time, in six consecutive days.


So Diva Draft 2009 comes to an end. Over the last few days, I’ve brought you my six predicted Draft picks… some of them are likely and some of them are out there. With just a few hours to go until the Draft episode of Raw, I’m going to take a look back at the six picks and how I feel each of the divisions could work post-Draft.

First of all, to prelude this, I think I should say that predicting this year’s Draft was much harder than last year. Last year, I felt there were specific changes that needed to be made and it was much easier in choosing who gets to go where. This year, with the launch of the Divas Championship and two divisions blossoming, any given Diva really could go anywhere. With so many Divas on the roster also, it’s hard to make sure everyone gets a decent storyline and stuff, not to mention WWE’s own prejudice against the Divas which works against them having real matches and real feuds.

I feel both brands should be built around a certain number of faces and a certain number of heels. For Raw, we’d have Women’s Champion, Melina as the top Diva of the brand in terms of babyfaces while serving under her would be Kelly Kelly. To beef up the babyfaces, I’d seriously consider turning Natalya face and have her really play into her Hart family lineage. On the heel side of things, I would have Beth Phoenix, Maryse and Jillian. In lesser roles I’d have Rosa Mendes continuing her alliance with Beth Phoenix, however I could see her turning face later in the year if Beth turns on her. The Bella Twins, should they move, could also be supporting characters to Melina.

Meanwhile on SmackDown, the babyfaces would be led by Gail Kim and Mickie James, with Alicia Fox and Maria in lesser roles. Then for the heels, you’d have Michelle McCool overtaking Maryse as the new top heel and serving under her would be Layla and possibly even Katie Lea, visiting from ECW. That leaves Eve Torres in the small role she currently serves.

That is of course, just my take on things. We’ll see what WWE does tonight on Raw. I could see a complete uptilt of the entire Divas roster, with Maryse taking the Divas Championship to Raw and Melina bringing the Women’s Championship to SmackDown. That should certainly shake things up! Also another rumour suggests Candice could be on her way to SmackDown, however I choose not to acknowledge her because I don’t think she’s long for the WWE roster. There is also a chance we may not even see any drafts take place on the main show tonight, which is usually reserved for top stars. If there were to be any Diva drafts, I’d expect it to be some of the top Divas like Torrie Wilson in 2007. So tonight, if any, I would narrow it down to: Maryse, Melina, Mickie, Beth, Michelle, Candice, Gail or Maria to move. The others (and possibly to some extent Maria and Candice) could have to wait until the Supplemental Draft on Wednesday.

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