Diva Draft 2009: Layla to SmackDown



Welcome the 2009 edition of Diva Draft! It feels like just yesterday when I was putting together last year’s Diva Draft and what a result! I successfully predicted both of the Diva Draft picks as Layla moved to Raw and Maria moved to SmackDown. So this year there’s the added pressure of keeping my streak intact! Unlike last year, the Draft has moved up to April 13th from it’s usual late-June slot meaning it comes just a week after WrestleMania. So over the next few days leading up to the big Draft show, I will be predicting my picks for this year’s Draft. Like last year, I’ll be making six picks but this time, in six consecutive days.


Last year, I made a big play for Layla to move to Raw. I thought it could be a big boost for her career – it wasn’t. This girl is too awesome to go to waste. She’s got smouldering looks, dresses better than any other Diva could ever dream, has a great heel-ish personality and is pretty decent in the ring too. But over the last year, we’ve slowly forgotten how much she had improved during her time on ECW. Layla was showing a lot of promise on the microphone and she had some great matches with the likes of Michelle McCool during the ECW-SmackDown talent exchange. I thought a move to Raw would help take Layla to the next level, instead she got lost in the shuffle and eventually moved into a managerial role. I can count the number of matches she’s had on Raw in the last year, on one hand.

For a Diva who’s been on all three WWE brands, it’s time to move her to where she first started: SmackDown. Many forget that Layla came from the 2006 Diva Search along with Maryse. And look how their careers compare; Maryse is one of the top Divas in the company right now and also the Divas Champion. It just doesn’t seem right for Layla to be stuck in a non-wrestling role. I think she has more chance at flourishing on SmackDown, where she could become one of the top heels along with Maryse and Michelle McCool. Factor in feuds with the likes of the Bella Twins, Maria, Eve Torres and eventually Gail Kim, I think Layla could become a great all-around Diva and even a future Divas Champion.

Layla could slot in nicely on SmackDown as a wrestler. Or perhaps they could move both Layla and William Regal in the Supplemental Draft.

Check back later today for my final thoughts