Diva Draft 2009: Natalya to Raw



Welcome the 2009 edition of Diva Draft! It feels like just yesterday when I was putting together last year’s Diva Draft and what a result! I successfully predicted both of the Diva Draft picks as Layla moved to Raw and Maria moved to SmackDown. So this year there’s the added pressure of keeping my streak intact! Unlike last year, the Draft has moved up to April 13th from it’s usual late-June slot meaning it comes just a week after WrestleMania. So over the next few days leading up to the big Draft show, I will be predicting my picks for this year’s Draft. Like last year, I’ll be making six picks but this time, in six consecutive days.


In my next Draft pick, I aim to right a wrong that I feel was made with this here Diva, Natalya. When she first debuted in April of last year, I said from the get-go that I felt WWE missed the boat with this third generation star. With her family lineage and extremely impressive in-ring skills, I felt that Natalya should have been brought to Raw as a babyface. Given the rich history behind her family, including the fact that her uncle Bret Hart, is still one of the most celebrated and respected wrestlers of all time – I have always felt that by using her family ties WWE could put over Natalya as the top Diva in the WWE, a possible replacement for Trish Stratus. But alas, WWE wasted the opportunity to set this Diva apart from the rest and now she’s kind of been lost in the shuffle.

In the 2009 Draft, I would hope WWE finally utilises this multi-talented Diva and finally moves her to Raw where I think she could be a major force to be reckoned with. While she had the opportunity to become the first ever Divas Champion last year, I think Natalya is a much better fit for the Women’s Championship and I think she could eventually become one of the top heels on the entire Divas roster. If WWE played things right, rather than having her play second fiddle to Beth Phoenix, you could have Natalya go for the title while Beth is preoccupied with other things (i.e. Santina or a possible feud with Rosa Mendes). I would hate to see a talent like Natalya squandered under Beth, like Jillian.

Natalya definitely could become a face in future, if WWE draws enough on her family heritage. This girl is destined for big things, but up until this point they haven’t given her enough time to shine.

Check back later today for Draft pick #5