Diva Draft 2010: Rosa Mendes to SmackDown


Welcome to the third annual edition of our Diva Draft feature here at Diva Dirt! If you haven’t been with us over the last couple of years, the premise is simple — each year, I make six predictions/suggestions over six consecutive days in the lead up to the WWE Draft which this year falls on Monday, April 26th. In previous years, I have successfully managed to predict some of the movies; in 2008, I predicted both draft picks and in 2009, four of my six predictions came true with a fifth later being realised in the Diva Trade of October 2009. So, let’s hope this year will be just as fruitful. Check back for all six of my picks over the coming week!

Note: Due to Katie Lea‘s release, this year’s Diva Draft has been cut down to just five predictions/suggestions as Katie was one of my six original picks.


Welcome to this year’s wildcard pick! For those of you who haven’t followed the Diva Draft feature in previous years, each year I make one pick that I think is slightly more out there and perhaps not likely to happen. Usually, this ‘honour’ [if you can call it that] goes to one of the newer girls who are still trying to establish themselves. And the best part? Each year, my wildcard pick has come true. In 2008, I predicted that Layla, who was on ECW at the time, would move to Raw — she did. And last year, I predicted that The Bella Twins would make an unlikely move to Raw also — they did. This year, I feel that Rosa Mendes could/should find her way onto the blue brand and here’s why…

Quite frankly, every brand needs a jobber. Sure, it’s not a glamorous position to be in, but not everyone can be the top Diva in a title feud. Often times, being in the role of ‘jobber girl’ can help a wrestler develop and get better and better — just look at Layla. In the past year on SmackDown, losing matches to the likes of Melina, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix, Layla has grown as a performer to the point where she has become a consistently great worker herself. Layla has managed to hone her craft and is now bubbling under as a potential top Diva. Having paid her dues now, it’s high time that Layla was given a more prominent role — enter Rosa to take her old spot.

With Jillian having the jobbing market cornered on Raw, moving Rosa to SmackDown would put her in that ‘lesser role’ which would be a great way for her to wrestle more and hone her skills against girls like Beth Phoenix or well, I would have said Mickie James, but that’s not the case anymore. There’s also opportunities to work with and learn from Layla, Michelle, Natalya and Serena. I think this could be a beneficial opportunity for Rosa to up her game in the ring. Who knows, with time, she could even reach the level of Layla. Travelling on the road and working house shows with these Divas is just what Rosa needs, meanwhile on TV she could be used to lose to the likes of Beth and company.

Is it the ideal job? Obviously not. But it’s a step up from being lost in the shuffle as she currently is. Rosa takes breathtaking photoshoots and seems to have some character just waiting to come out, judging by her time as the Glamazon’s understudy — SmackDown could be what she needs to become more well rounded.

Check back tomorrow for pick #4