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Emma opens up on injury and wrestling comeback

Earlier this year, WWE Superstar Emma sustained a shoulder injury during a live house show at Liverpool, England.

In an interview with FOX SPORTS Australia, Emma discuss that injury, her road to recovery from it and aspirations to become Women’s Champion. Highlights of the interview below.

Opening up on her shoulder injury: “I was in Europe in Liverpool for a live event. I was in a tag match taking one of the moves and my arm got caught on the rope and I dislocated my shoulder. I tore my labrum and at that point it was either go into surgery or rehab.”

On making her in-ring comeback: “I committed to the rehab, not wanting to have any more time off. I was at the PC (WWE Performance Centre) twice a day to rehab and in the gym doing my own stuff. It took about a month and then they cleared me to wrestle. Injuries are always going to happen. It comes with the job but it does remind me to take better care of myself and to rehab even when things start to feel better. The other things like massage or getting stretched out. Doing the extra things in the gym to make sure my body is recovering properly.”

Aspiring to become Women’s Champion: “It’s important to have goals and there’s still so much more I want to achieve. I’ve never had a championship. The biggest goal there is, is to be women’s champion. I am the first Australian woman on the WWE roster. That in itself is huge and to kind of broadcast that to the world and put that label on it adds that much more credibility to the title. Things like getting my face on the side of a truck, getting merchandise, there’s all kinds of things I’m yet to accomplish that are on my list.”

Emma also discusses her fitness routines and WWE’s upcoming Australia tour.

You can read the full interview here.

What did you think of the interview? Have you been enjoying Emma since her return? Would you like to see Emma as Women’s Champion? Let us know in the comments below!

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