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Eva Marie Talks Returning to Main Roster, Winning Over Fans & More

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Eva Marie recently spoke with Rolling Stone about the return of Total Divas and the progress she’s made in her in-ring career.

With Eva’s recent improvements in NXT, she was asked about a possible return to the main roster. On that front, Eva is hopeful:

“I mean, that is the hope. I can tell you [the photo shoot] was definitely for Fastlane, and that is the goal for sure. I think there needs to be a little bit more of All Red Everything on Raw and SmackDown.”

While she remains one of the more controversial members of the WWE roster, she’s worked hard to prove skeptics wrong. She calls her move to NXT one of the “scariest” but best decisions she’s ever made:

“People are always going to have something to say, where it’s good, bad or indifferent. And for me, I know exactly why I became a WWE Diva. I think people forget I tried out to be a Diva before I got Total Divas. So I was given this amazing opportunity that, if presented to anybody, they would take. As far as my commitment to being a wrestler, the proof is in the pudding. I asked to go back to NXT when I really didn’t have to. I was already on the main roster, so I could have continued doing what I was doing up there. I never want to do anything mediocre, so I needed to make that personal assessment and ask Vince McMahon and Triple H, ‘Can I go to NXT?’ Because we have the resources, so why wouldn’t I want to capitalize on that? I’ve put in blood, sweat and tears to progress, which is awesome, ’cause look at me now: I’m working a live event tonight. It was definitely one of the scariest – but best – decisions I’ve ever made.”

Eva was open about how much the negative crowd reaction used to rattle her. Now, however, she embraces the boos, as it enhances her heel character:

“A hundred-and-ten percent. The Eva Marie two years ago? Sure, mentally, it would get to me, but that was before I had the skillset I do now. For me, it’s all about being the character, so those boos and the craziness are super-inviting – I want it and I want them to continue bringing it. If they were quiet, I’m not doing too much. It’s awesome for storytelling, and at the end of the day, that’s what WWE’s all about: telling a great story within the match.”

With the main roster division changing so much since her departure, Eva mused on how she would fit in now:

“So much has changed. I’m a pretty big bad guy, so that would definitely transpire on the main roster. I’d be coming in as a major heel. I think they need some heel blood for sure, so hopefully that can happen.”

In the rest of the interview, Eva touches more on Total Divas, the beginning of her WWE career and her hopes for the future. Read the full interview on Rolling Stone.

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