Thursday, September 16, 2021

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Eve Carjacks the Divas of Doom, Leaves Them Stranded

In a new video, a quick trip to the gas station last night after Raw turned into quite a predicament for Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and her partner in crime Natalya. The Divas of Doom went inside the store to pick up some drinks and snacks, but when they headed back to their car, all they found was an empty parking spot. The mystery of the missing car was soon solved, though, when it pulled up and the driver was revealed to be none other than Eve Torres. Eve drove off, leaving her foes stranded at the gas station.

Watch the full video and read the accompanying article by clicking here. clicking here.

The article that accompanies this video explains the situation, naming Alicia Fox as complicit in Eve’s prank. The reporter writes:

What we didn’t know, and what I would find out later through a conversation with the perpetrators of this practical joke, is that we were being followed. Alicia Fox and Eve had been tailing us since we left Atlanta.

“I used to travel with Beth and Natalya a lot. Beth always drives; she always stops for orange soda and she always leaves her keys in the car. That’s her thing,” said the sly Alicia Fox, who masterminded this retaliatory prank. “Well, that, and being a total ‘B’.”

As for whether or not car theft puts Eve into sticky legal territory, well, they’ve covered that neatly:

Beth and Natalya both suggested that the police be contacted, but we were informed that under John Laurinaitis, all rental cars for talent are booked with multiple Superstars/Divas listed as drivers, since at any given moment a new driver might be needed to get from city to city.

“It’s a safety net, really,” said a Talent Relations representative at WWE HQ. “We never expected anyone to abuse the fact that any Diva can drive any Diva’s rental car to do something like this, but, it’s not illegal. It’s not very nice, but neither are they.”

Eve has certainly escalated this feud, taking it from mean-yet-simple Twitter pranks to car theft. If she’s just upped the stakes, what do you think the Divas of Doom will do in retaliation?

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