Friday, September 17, 2021

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Eve & Michelle Make List of Smartest Wrestlers

Following up on their list of wrestlers they want to see wrestle one more time, has now produced a list of the “20 Smartest Superstars in History”. Singled out for their smarts were Eve Torres and Michelle McCool. Eve landed at #10, Michelle at #19:

#10 – Eve Torres: Eve may very well be one of the most well-rounded Divas in WWE history. After attending the University of Southern California and getting a degree in industrial systems and engineering, she won the WWE Diva Search in 2007, earning a spot on the SmackDown roster. On top of that, she trained at the world famous Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, ensuring she’s prepared for any attack in the ring.

She’s also shown she’s prepared to use her brains and beauty to get what she wants. The former Divas Champion weaved a web of deceit in early 2012, stringing the lovesick Zack Ryder along in a scheme that helped John Laurinaitis unseat Teddy Long as SmackDown GM. For her work, Eve earned a place in Laurinaitis’ administration as his executive assistant. She currently holds a similar position in the administration of SmackDown GM Booker T.

#19 – Michelle McCool: Fun fact: Before terrorizing the Divas division alongside Layla as a member of LayCool, Michelle McCool was an honest-to-goodness school teacher. Upon arriving in WWE, she kept her teacher’s garb and led a tag team called The Teacher’s Pets before deciding to pursue another subject and taking up the role of a personal trainer. Given that she eventually decided to embrace her mean girl side and take up with Layla, we think it’s safe to say that McCool was brains and beauty all in one package.

Do you agree? Who do you think are the smartest women in wrestling?

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