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Learn more about Sabotage wrestling star, Holidead

To know Holidead, you’ve got to know the dark side of the woman. Debuting in 2015, this wrestler has made appearances for Women of Wrestling, Vendetta Pro Wrestling, STARDOM, Sabotage Wrestling and many others, and has been thriving on the indy scene as a singles competitor or as a tag team with Thunder Rosa as 1/2 of Twisted Sisterz.

In an exclusive interview conducted by Diva Dirt’ Matthew (With major thanks to Sabotage Wrestling officials), Holidead discusses her origins as well as the upcoming Sabotage Wrestling event, teaming with Thunder Rosa, and other topics.

How did Holidead begin her career?

Holidead began her career training under the tutelage of the Vampire Warrior Gangrel, someone with a darkside himself taught me how to embrace my inner demons and turn it into something beautiful, for me that was beautiful violence. He guided me from a little pup to whatever you see before you today. He taught me how to take my anger and make it work for me. Under his guidance from the beginning and still today I continue to grow and learn from every day.

When you’re up against Mariachi Loco, what do you expect to see in that matchup?

I expect a lot, a whole lot. Contrary to popular belief I actually have a lot of respect for Loco as a wrestler, his dancing is another story, that I think is deplorable and should be banned from every ring, bar, dance floor from here to beyond the border. But as a wrestler I think Mariachi Loco is one of the most underrated talents not in Southern California but in professional wrestling period. I feel he is overlooked and under appreciated, having been in the ring with him in a tag capacity on a few occasions I can attest to that. He’s made me reach deep down in myself and I’ve done things in the ring I’ve never done with anyone else at that point. The thing I love about this business is challenges, and he is someone I have wanted to fight one on one for quite some time now. Mariachi by chance if you are reading this I want you to know that I’m on the edge…Push Me!!!….

It seems that Twisted Sisterz are becoming a dominant force in the women’s wrestling scene. What is it like to work with Thunder Rosa, who is also appears on Lucha Underground as Kobra Moon?

Not to toot any horns but I like to think Thunder Rosa and I were making waves, whether big or small, but making them nonetheless as singles competitors and still doing so. But when two forces come together it’s like a movement. It’s great working with Thunder. We fought each other several times before finally getting on the same page. We know each other inside and out. We both have the same mind frame and work ethic and same measurement (close enough) of crazy so we just naturally mesh well and compliment each other. I’m excited to see what the future holds for the Twisted Sisterz, we are up for any challenge, man, woman, demon, what have you.

What are your thoughts on Sabotage GM Donovan Troi?

My thoughts on Donavan Troi are endless, he reminds me of someone who didn’t get enough hugs as a child, someone who was picked on for being different. I say this because I can relate, because I know, but the difference is we took different paths to embrace being scarred. He chooses to hide behind a title of power and throw out ridiculous stipulations every chance he gets. Myself on the other hand I like to physically take out my aggression. I think Donavan should try legitimately getting his hands dirty. If he ever grows a pair I’d love to show him around the darkside of the ring.

Aside from Sabotage this August, do you have other events lined up?

Other places to see the darkside for the time being are :
7/7/2017 – All Star Wrestling – Surrey, British Columbia
7/8/2017 – Inland Pro Wrestling – Spokane, WA.
7/14/2017 -Shine Wrestling – Ybor City, FL.
7/16/2017 – The Knockout Room – Sunrise, FL.
7/18/2017 Pro Wrestling 2.0 – Orlando, FL.
7/21/2017 – Total Championship Wrestling – Austin, TX
7/22/2017 – Texas Wrestling Federation – Seguin, TX
7/23/2017 – FEST Wrestling – Gainsvile, FL
8/5/2017 – Sabotage Wrestling – San Diego, CA.
8/6/2017 – Independent World Wrestling – Hayward, CA.
8/25/2017 – Rogue Women Warriors – Stevens, PA.
9/2/2017 – Renegade Wrestling Alliance – West Newton, PA
10/7/2017 – *TBA* Staten Island, NY
10/21/2017 – All American Championship Wrestling – Kokomo, IN.
I’m always interested in talking future business with anyone seriously interested, and if ever that is the case the darkside can be reached via email at [email protected]

In closing, do you have any last comments to our Diva Dirt readers?

Diva Dirt readers, thank you for taking a moment with darkness, I hope it has been as pleasantly unpleasant for you as it has me. Feel free to keep up with my by following me on Twitter, liking my fanpage on Facebook, as well as subscribing to my youtube page to check out matches and other content, all under the name Holidead. To the Diva Dirt readers I challenge you if you already haven’t to open your minds up to something different. To embrace the scarred, because sometimes the damaged are the more evolved. Take a walk on the darkside with me if you dare, embrace my pain which I have turned into a passion of dwelling it on to others. We all have a darkside, you either face it or it will destroy you. Believe it or not, the darkside is the best side.

Follow Holidead on Twitter @Holidead.

Are you interested in the upcoming star? Where do you see her in the future? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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