Monday, September 20, 2021

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Exclusive: Rosita Talks Screen Time and Character Development for Knockouts Compared to WWE Divas

Impact Wrestling star Rosita is grateful for the amount of time the Knockouts receive on the Spike TV show in comparison to their WWE counterparts.

The former Knockouts Tag Team Champion spoke to us earlier this week on DD360, and echoed the sentiments of fans, who feel that the Divas division is shortchanged on time, while the Knockouts receive plenty of time to cultivate storylines and get characters across.

Rosita — real name Thea Trinidad — said: “I think it’s super important [to have the screen time and opportunities the Knockouts receive]. Back to what I was saying about Hardcore Justice, I mean, despite the fact that myself and Sarita lost against [Brooke] Tessmacher and Tara, that was one of my favorite matches and that match alone was a good 10 minutes. When was the last time you really got a [Divas] match that’s over two minutes in WWE?”

Talking about the distinction between the characters in Impact Wrestling, she adds: “I’m just glad that we are given that time to show everybody who we are and show everybody what we have. And everybody is so different — you can look at Sarita and know that [there is] no comparison to Velvet Sky or Angelina Love. Everybody has their own certain characters. Everybody has something that they bring to the table.”

As for what WWE could do with its Divas? Rosita chimes in: “I think that if they really give the girls time to show themselves and what they can do in WWE, maybe the fans would be a little bit more happier, [and] the girls, I’m sure that they would [be happier too]. Nattie Neidhart [Natalya], she was an absolute sweetheart to me. I’ve known her for a little while. She’s great in the ring, and she’s great elsewhere, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t be getting more airtime.”

Meanwhile, those who observe the industry certainly feel that the Knockouts have more free rein than the Divas, particularly regarding input for matches, storylines etc. We asked Rosita for her opinion.

She said: “I don’t know how WWE works with their girls, but I do know that when it comes to TNA and our characters, and our matches, we have a lot of say in what we do. When I got there, they said, ‘We like you for you and this is why we’re hiring you, so you’re just going to go out there and be yourself and show the world what you have’.”

“They’re not sitting here telling you, ‘You have to say this, do this, do this, do this’. It’s not like, ‘Oh, I gotta walk on eggshells to make sure I do it right’, no, you just go out there because you’re so comfortable. You’re comfortable in the character that you are, and the person that you are.”

Listen to the full interview with Rosita by catching a replay of this week’s DD360 at this link.

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