Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Exclusive: Taeler Hendrix Talks Battling Cancer, Leaving TNA, LGBT Storylines & More

Taeler Hendrix wants to be the Bette Davis of pro wrestling. Judging by the way she takes on and overcomes controversy, we think she’s well on her way towards becoming just that.

Since leaving TNA, Taeler has been the subject of rumors and graced many a headline, whether it’s for being diagnosed with cancer or her groundbreaking OVW storyline featuring a same-sex romance.

Speaking to Diva Dirt’s Jake, Taeler talks in depth about that storyline and how the wrestling world can adapt to changing views on LGBT rights.

She opens up about her ongoing battle with cancer, providing an emotional and inspiring outlook on her future.

The former TNA Knockout also addresses leaving the company, talking about why she didn’t want to extend her contract.

All of that, along with talk on her future in TNA, WWE and the indies, can be heard in the interview below.
Listen below or download by right clicking here.

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Follow Taeler on Twitter: @Taeler_Hendrix.

You can catch Taeler weekly on Ohio Valley Wrestling.

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